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Prepare to be Shipwrecked!

Prepare to be Shipwrecked!

As the cult reality show returns for 2019, see how well you remember it with our quiz

Bronzed bodies, white beaches and clear waters. But also hunger, arguments and slaking your thirst with less-than-savoury liquids… Shipwrecked was quite the show

Shipwrecked, Monday 28 January, 9pm, E4/HD (CH 106/145). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > All 4

Way back in the early noughties – 2001 to be exact – the Great British telly viewing public were introduced to a radical new reality show, Shipwrecked. It was simple in its premise and extreme in its execution: strand 16 young, starry-eyed hopefuls on a sandy beach in the middle of nowhere and watch as they try to survive.


Fast forward a couple of years and Shipwrecked was revamped, with rival islands and two tribes playing for a big cash prize. Cut-throat chaos (and great telly) ensued, as the contestants battled each other as well as the elements. There were rows, romances and daring food raids inside production tents. The show also made stars of some of the islanders – and made others infamous. It was a perfect reality TV storm of true peril, big egos and beautiful people.

And now, it’s back and more brutal than ever! The contestants will once find themselves stranded on an idyllic set of islands, split into teams and made to fight it out for fame and a cash prize. But this time around, there’s also the promise of a new “supercharged” factor, where treasures and traps hidden around the islands can help turn the tide in the contestants’ war to be crowned the overall winner.


Can’t wait? Prepare for the new series of Shipwrecked by testing your knowledge with our quiz on series past!

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