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8 brilliant shows to watch now on Sky Max

8 brilliant shows to watch on Sky Max

Your downtime is too precious to spend on telly you don’t love. We’ve rounded up our favourite Sky Max shows and movies so you can supercharge your next night in

By Torri Mundell, Feature Writer

With gripping original dramas, exciting action series and reliably funny comedy always on tap, Sky Max has earned its status as the home of blockbuster entertainment. And no matter what genre of show you fancy watching next, we can guarantee that you’ll find something you’ll want to binge. Keep scrolling for some of our favourite TV shows on Sky Max and how to find them on Virgin TV.



Season 3 starts on Friday 1 September at 10pm on Sky Max and will also be available in On Demand. Season 1-2 are available now in On Demand.

The premise of this show was dreamed up by Bruce Lee (Enter The Dragon), but the impressive martial arts creds don’t end there. Set during the late nineteenth century, the story revolves around another martial arts prodigy, played by Andrew Koji (Snake Eyes), a Chinese immigrant who finds work in San Francisco as the heavy for a Chinese organised crime family. And you can catch up on two seasons’ worth of mysterious backstories, duplicitous family members and gloriously choreographed fight sequences before Season 3 debuts on 1 September.



Seasons 1-4 are available in On Demand

Season 5 of this smash hit series is due to launch later this month and – be still our hearts! – there are rumours of a star-studded Christmas special in the works. Beloved for its irreverent blend of dark humour, filthy gags and moments of pathos, Brassic is set in the fictional Northern town of Hawley and centers around the exploits of local huckster Vinnie O’Neill, played endearingly by Joe Gilgun. Forever pining for his ex (Michelle Keegan, Our Girl) and forever broke, Vinnie’s motley crew of friends scam, scheme and steal hard – and play even harder.


Poker Face

Season 1 is available in On Demand

Critics and audiences alike were charmed by this mystery series created by Knives Out director Rian Johnson as an affectionate riff on the episodic “murder of the week” TV format so beloved in the 1980s. Charlie, played by the gravel-voiced Natasha Lyonne (Russian Doll), has a heaven-sent ability to detect when someone is lying – a gift that’s led to a life on the run from her murderous former boss. Where she goes, trouble inevitably follows and in every episode, Charlie finds herself leveraging her smeet smarts and lie detection skills to expose the darkest secrets of murderers and con artists.


Rob & Romesh Vs…

Series 1-5 is available in On Demand

The recipe for a successful comedy partnership? One part Romesh Ranganathan’s chalk to one part Rob Beckett’s cheese. We love the way Beckett’s sunny cheeriness plays against Ranganathan’s droll, deadpan humour in this series as the pair work together to complete a significant challenge every episode, from joining a corps de ballet in Birmingham or entering their badly-behaved dogs into Crufts.


Funny Woman

Series 1 is available in On Demand

Sky Max served up this delightful six-episode confection earlier this year, based on the best-selling novel by Nick Hornby about a Northern working-class woman trying to break into show business in 1960s London. It’s a romp, thanks to a fizzy script, feast-for-the-eyes costumes and interiors as well as star turns from Gemma Arterton (The King’s Man) in full bombshell mode and a wheezy, baldheaded Rupert Everett (My Best Friend’s Wedding) as her unscrupulous agent.


Never Mind The Buzzcocks

Series 3 continues every Wednesday on Sky Max at 9pm and will also be available in On Demand. Series 1-2 is available in On Demand

The reboot of the iconic 1990s and 2000s pop music quizshow has just begun its third season, and its success is testament to the comedy chops of host Greg Davies (Taskmaster) and panellists such as Daisy May Cooper (This Country) and Noah Fielding (The Great British Bake Off). It’s also proof that the gentle mocking of popstar guests and funny formats – such as the Identity Parade and the Intros Round – will stand the test of time.


COBRA and COBRA: Cyber War

COBRA and COBRA: Cyberwar are available in On Demand

Every day is a worst-case scenario day for COBRA, the fictional British task force of senior politicians, advisors and specialists that coordinate the country’s response to catastrophe. With political intrigue at every turn and harrowing plotlines involving energy crises and cyber attacks that threaten to derail democracy, the series is a totally immersive, hair-raising watch. There’s also a brilliant cast involved, including Robert Carlye (The Full Monty) as the beleaguered Prime Minister and his loyal chief of staff Anna Marshall (Victoria Hamilton, The Crown).


A League Of Their Own

The Lionesses: A League Of Their Own Special and A League Of Their Own Road Trip: Southeast Asia are available in On Demand

Full of banter and good-natured bickering, this long-running sports-based panel show has always been a fun watch, but recent spin-offs have injected some fresh verve to the format. In The Lionesses: A League Of Their Own Special, Maisie Adam and Katherine Ryan are put through their paces by former Lioness Jill Scott, while series regulars, sports stars and comedians run amok across 5 episodes of A League Of Their Own Road Trip: Southeast Asia. Tune in to watch Max Verstappen challenge series regulars Jamie Redknapp and Micah Richards on the Singapore Grand Prix track, Mo Gilligan explore the Vietnamese jungle and Alan Carr take part in an ill-advised synchronised swimming competition.

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