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Meet Big Zuu…

Meet Big Zuu…

From spag bol-esque bangers to side-splitting comics and more, we sit down with the man himself to chat all things Big Zuu’s Big Eats

By Virgin TV Edit

It’s hard not to laugh when chatting to Big Zuu. The 25-year old grime artist-turned-self-taught chef has a chuckle as infectious as the tunes that made his name back in 2017 and, as such, is the perfect person to get cooking for comedians after they’ve finished a gig.


Luckily, that exact premise just so happens to be the focal point of this ingenious new cooking show from Dave.

Filmed pre-lockdown, a smorgasbord of comics such as Jimmy Carr, Rosie Jones, Josh Widdicombe and more line up at Zuu’s food truck to have him cook them one of his trademark, unconventionally assembled dishes.


The grime star then joins them for dinner packed with laughs as Zuu picks their brains for the secrets and experiences behind their side-splitting gigs and material, and examines how a comic’s life on tour compares to his own as a musician.


We were then lucky enough to (virtually) sit down with Big Zuu himself for a chat – the first question of course being, of all the comedians he met… who was the funniest? His repy? An instant, unhesitant…


“Rosie Jones. She is unbelievable. She does make me laugh, man. Like they all made me laugh, but she made me die of laughterI had to tell the cameraman ‘Yo, can we take one second?’ She was bare funny. Me and her created a bond.”

Comedian Rosie Jones in Big Zuu's Big Eats

From frying chicken with a Doritos sprinkled crust to cramming a roast inside a Yorkshire pudding, cooking conventions aren’t really Zuu’s “thing.” And yet, when asked what one of his equally unconventional tracks would be was it one of his dishes, the answer is surprisingly… normal?


“Well I’ve got this song Manual, and it’s such a hype song, you know? So I think it’d be like a peppered spaghetti, like a spag bol… It works at every show, the song, and everyone loves a spag bol. It’s international…”


Umm, the song, or the spag bol? “Both! I’ve done that track all over the world, and it always goes down well. And spag bol, well… It’s one of those things where you can cook it, and anyone, anywhere is going to love it, you know?“


Zuu’s talents for cooking shouldn’t come as a surprise to those that follow him on social media (where his stories are awash with mouth-watering creations) or to those closer to home, either, with his mum’s lamb jollof rice a thing of legend. But, now that he’s got his own show, who’s the better cook?


“Ah, that’s a bit of tricky one. You know what? When it comes to the African dishes, my mum is the don, but anything Western – it’s me. I’ll probably leave it there!”


With his food truck parked up and Zuu stuck inside for the time being, we couldn’t help but ask what other means of entertainment he’s been using to keep himself entertained over the last few months…

TV Show: The Wire

I’ve just been watching The Wire, nonstop. Just appreciating it for its amazing glory. ‘Cos I found I was scrolling through Netflix more than I was watching Netflix, you know?


Guilty pleasure: His PlayStation 4

We’ve created such a bond, over the weeks, I wouldn’t know what I’d have done without it… I’m just playing games now! I thought I was ‘gonna be a grownup one day, but it turns out I will never grow up; it turns out I will play games until I’m 50…


Video game: Call Of Duty: Warzones

A lot of Call Of Duty: Warzones. And I’ve been getting the wins, you know! Me and my mates aren’t really gamers, so when we win, we feel like we’ve won a gold medal. We get so excited.


It’ll be three in the morning and we’ll be like “AHHHHHH,” and my mum will knock at my door saying, “you know I’m sleeping yeah?” It’s like “ah sorry mum, we just won on Warzones…” She doesn’t understand. She’s not getting it.


Friend you always call: Rosie Jones!

Well, not really! But she’s my guy, you know? We follow each other on Instagram, Twitter… I wouldn’t be surprised if Dave do a spin-off of this show now. Just me and Rosie… Big Zuu And Rosie Jones Eats!


When is Dave’s Big Zuu’s Big Eats on TV?

Big Zuu’s Big Eats airs on Dave/HD (CH 127/227) on Fridays at 10pm, with the first episode screening on 15 May. It is also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > Dave.


The ten-part series will subsequently air every week until Friday 17 July.

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