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“He told me I was too old and fat”

“He told me I was too old and fat”

Michael Weatherly opens up about his showbiz credentials…

It’s time to grab the Bull by the horns and get involved with season 2 of the courtroom drama, starring NCIS’s Michael Weatherly

Bull, Fridays, 10pm, FOX/HD (CH 157/199). Find episode 1 in Catch Up > Channels > FOX

If you missed season 1, let’s get you up to speed. It’s based on the early career of psychologist and American talk show host Dr Phil McGraw, who managed to make a business out of psychoanalysing juries and using his assessments to help his clients win their courtroom trials. 


Weatherly’s smooth-talking portrayal of Dr Jason Bull – a fictionalised version of Dr Phil – has been a real hit with audiences worldwide. “It was the number 1 show in the US in its first season, and has been shown in over 200 territories,” Weatherly tells us. 



Season 2 will see a change of direction for Bull, with a new showrunner in the form of Glenn Gordon Caron (ofTyrant, Medium and Moonlighting). He replaces Mark Gaffon (White Collar).


“Season 2 is a photonegative of season 1,” says Weatherly. “We are less concerned about showing how the technical aspects of the law work this time. We have a new showrunner who is here to make it more about the characters.”


So as we get ready for a fresh set of trials, let’s get to know Weatherly a little better, as we play the Fame Game…


Virgin TV Edit: Have you ever met the Queen?

Michael Weatherly: I’ve met Fergie. I was dating someone who was friends with her. We ended up going to Tom Hanks and his wife, Rita Wilson’s, hotel room for a party, but no one knew who I was. Everyone was well known except me. I ended up getting the drinks – they thought I was a waiter. 0


When were you last stopped for a selfie?

Last night! 1


Who is the most famous person in your phone book?

If you went to all the corners of the world, Robert Wagner might be the most famous person as Hart To Hart has a wide reach. Not everyone knows James Cameron or Steven Spielberg. I don’t have Jessica Alba’s phone number any more. 1


Do you have a life coach or a PA?

No. What even is a PA? 0


When did you last Google yourself?

About a year ago. It was a mistake. I wanted to see what the press launch was going to be like for Bull. I find in showbiz you can be dismayed and pulled into a very wrong reflection of who you are. You are much better off asking your friends if you have a question about yourself. 0


What’s your typical coffee order?

Black. 0


Where is the strangest place you’ve been recognised?

Belgrade, in Serbia. I was recognised by a boy who was about 15. He came up behind me and said: “You are Michael Weatherly.” It sounded like he was with the secret service. He then told me: “My sister thought it was you, but I thought – no, it can’t be. You are too old and fat.” Season 1 of NCIS had just come on in Serbia. It was 13 years old. 0  


Have you ever had a portrait of yourself commissioned?

No. 0


What is the most extravagant kitchen appliance you own?

It’s a juicer. It’s extravagant because of the price, combined with how hard it is to clean. Every time I make a juice I have to think twice. It’s almost easier to go and buy a juice for seven dollars somewhere rather than spend 18 minutes cleaning the thing. 1


What is the last film you paid to see?

It’s not the true answer, but I’m going to say Wonder Woman because I like Wonder Woman. 0


Michael Weatherly gets 3 out of 10! Tom Hanks thought he was a waiter, and don’t even bother asking if he’s got a personal assistant. He’s a man of the people. 

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