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The boys are still Bulletproof 

The boys are still Bulletproof 


Noel Clarke and Ashley Walters head to South Africa in a new three-part special of the crime drama

By Virgin TV Edit

Looking to kick off 2021 with enough explosive action to satisfy even the biggest adrenaline addict? Sky One has got just the thing. And then some.


We’re talking about Bulletproof: South Africa, the newest instalment of the hit cop drama that boasts a cracking cast, bags of attitude, plenty of laughs, and thrills – lots and lots of thrills.


Want to know more about Bulletproof’s arresting return? You’re in luck, because we’re here to answer all the big questions…

Come on then, remind me what Bulletproof is about…

First airing in 2018, this acclaimed Sky Original crime drama follows the action-packed antics of National Crime Agency detectives – and best pals – Aaron Bishop (Noel Clarke) and Ronnie Pike (Ashley Walters). Their job? To collar bad guys on the streets of London.


Colleagues who are best mates? So it’s like a buddy cop show?

Exactly! When they’re not bickering like an old married couple, they’re bantering hard. No wonder the show’s previous two series drew favourable comparisons to staples of the genre like Lethal Weapon and Bad Boys.


And now there’s a new series out?

Best to call it a miniseries. This new three-parter on Sky One sees Bishop and Pike swap the gritty streets of the Big Smoke for South Africa, where their well-deserved holiday goes a bit Pete Tong.


Ignoring the fact you just said Pete Tong, what happens?

Just as the duo are enjoying the sun, sea and stunning scenery of South Africa, they’re tasked with hunting down a kidknapped young girl. With the criminal underworld at the centre of her disappearance, the pair have to get their hands dirty in order to rescue her.


And it all goes fine, right? Right!?

We’re not saying a word. What you should expect, however, is the usual explosive action, snappy script and high-stakes drama that has been a hallmark of Bulletproof since it first hit our screens.


Can I watch the previous series?

You sure can! Series 1 and 2 are both available to watch right now in On Demand > Box Sets. Whether you want to refresh your memory or discover what the fuss is about, it’s all there for you to enjoy.


When is Bulletproof: South Africa on TV?

The first episode of Bulletproof: South Africa will air at 9pm on Wednesday 20 January on Sky One/HD (CH 110/109). Also available after broadcast in Catch Up > Channels > Sky One.

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