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Can you handle the Burden Of Truth?

Can you handle the Burden Of Truth?

As season 2 of the legal drama airs on Universal TV, take our quiz on wacky laws from around the world

Silence! Court is now in session as we make the case for this tantalising legal drama

Burden Of Truth, Thursday 7 February, 9pm, Universal TV/HD (CH 137/164). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > Universal TV

The burden of proof – proving beyond reasonable doubt that a defendant is guilty – falls on the prosecution. And for corporate attorney Joanna Hanley (Kristin Kreuk, Smallville) the truth is also a burden as she wrestles with her duty and her sense of morality.


In season 1, Joanna left her life in the big city to represent a big pharmaceutical company in her hometown of Millwood. The company’s aim? To block an injunction that would shut down its vaccine clinic, which the people of Millwood believe is responsible for making the town’s high school girls severely ill.

She soon finds herself battling it out in the courtroom with her former high school classmate Billy Crawford (Peter Mooney, Rookie Blue), and discovers that what should be an open-and-shut case is anything but.


As season 2 rolls into town, Joanna, who now goes by Joanna Chang, has joined a new law firm in Winnipeg. Her latest client is a tech genius who gives her a crash course in hacktivism. He’s also created an app designed to undermine his ex-employer – and now, they’re coming for him.


As the case continues, Joanna discovers some unpleasant home truths. And to make matters worse, it soon transpires that her life is on the line. Meanwhile, the town mill in Millwood has gone bankrupt, leaving Billy at a loose end, and it’s not long before his mind turns to reflect on his chance meeting with Joanna.


But before you bang the remote down like a gavel and tune in for the truth, take our true or false quiz on some of the more out-there laws from across history.

Burden Of Truth
S2 E96: Thu 9 pm

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