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Brave The Wild With Coyote Peterson

Brave The Wild With Coyote Peterson

Meet the titular explorer and YouTube sensation as his debut series arrives on Animal Planet!

From being chomped on by bugs to battling swamp-dwelling devils, there’s nothing Coyote Peterson can’t (but probably shouldn’t) do!

Coyote Peterson: Brave The Wild, Wednesday 25 March, 8pm, Animal Planet (CH 251)

If there’s one thing Coyote Peterson loves, it’s a wild, untamed landscape packed with bugs, beasties and all manner of monsters which, if he isn’t careful, would no doubt be more than happy to have a tasty, Coyote Peterson shaped snack for dinner.


A fan of wildlife since childhood, Coyote (real name Nathanial, but that doesn’t sound as cool. No offence Nathanials) embarked on his whirlwind career as one of today’s most audacious and entertaining TV explorers by, well, uploading videos to YouTube.

Coyote Peterson with a big turtle

Through jaw-dropping challenges and exploring increasingly hostile, treacherous landscapes, his Brave Wilderness channel has amassed over 15 million subscribers (almost four times the population of Croatia… fun fact), and more than 3 billion views.


As such, it’s not surprising that Animal Planet came calling and said, “Hey, Coyote, how ‘bout doing your YouTube thing, but even wilder, and on the TV?” To which he probably replied, “Show me the monaaaaayyyy!” Ahem. We joke.


It sounds as though Coyote’s upped the ante significantly since making the jump from YouTube to the small screen, tackling Tasmanian devils, snapping turtles, Stone Fish (a venomous water-dweller far scarier than its name suggests), and travelling to all manner of far-flung destinations.


From jungles to Texan swamps, there really isn’t any landscape or species Coyote won’t explore or try to find often toothy, chomp-tastic beasts, And, as some of his most popular YouTube videos have proven, he isn’t averse to putting himself in harms way in order to showcase an animal’s jaw-dropping traits…


As this video featuring a fearsome alligator snapping turtle proved, if there’s something big, scary, with plenty of potential to cause someone some serious pain, Coyote is more than happy to explore that to its fullest… often by whacking his forearm in harm’s way and having said animal chomp down on it.


This trend with his YouTube channel continued when Coyote caught wind of a fabled Insect Sting Pain Index. As any funky hat-wearing explorer would do, he immediately set out to find (and be stung by) a sequence of increasingly nasty bugs until he found the deserving table-topper.


Curious to see a man clutching his forearm, teeth-gritted, quite literally writhing in pain? Then check out the graphic below in which we reveal the run-down of the aforementioned pain index, and Coyote’s experiences investigating it before checking his brand new show on Animal Planet…

When can I watch Coyote Peterson: Brave The Wild?

You can watch the first episode of this brand new series on Wednesday 25 March at 8pm on Animal Planet (CH 251).

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