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Curb Your Enthusiasm is back for season 11

Curb Your Enthusiasm is back for season 11


As the US comedy from Larry David returns for more cringey laughs, we rundown its greatest ever episodes

By Virgin TV Edit

If you love the awkward comedy of The Office, I’m Alan Partridge and Arrested Development but haven’t seen Curb Your Enthusiasm, where have you been?


This award-winning US series, in which Seinfeld co-creator Larry David (playing a fictionalised version of himself) gets into some of the most embarrassing situations you’ll ever see, is ready to make viewers laugh and wince in equal measure with all-new season 11 on Sky Comedy.

That means fans will be treated to more of Mr David putting his foot in his mouth, ruining social occassions and generally raising the blood pressure of everyone he knows with his infuriating antics. It also means the return of arguably the greatest TV theme tune of them all.


New to the show and not sure what to expect? Or just fancy a quick recap of Curb’s undeniable genius? With loads of episodes available to watch right now in On Demand, we’ve compiled a list of the best from each of the previous ten seasons…


Beloved Aunt (season 1)

After Larry is given the task of writing an obituary for Cheryl’s aunt, tensions rise when the newspaper prints a shocking, if inadvertent, typo.


The Doll (season 2)

What is it with Larry upsetting children? In this episode, he’s enlisted to cut the hair of a little girl’s beloved doll. Naturally, she’s devastated with the result. Cue Larry and best friend/manager Jeff (The Goldbergs’ Jeff Garlin) frantically trying to resolve the issue.


Krazee-Eyez Killa (season 3)

When a rapper reveals that he’s cheating on a friend of Larry’s wife, he asks Larry to keep the information secret. Does our protagonist do as he’s told? Of course not. And – you guessed it – chaos ensues.


Ben’s Birthday Party (season 4)

If Larry turns up to your birthday, you should expect one thing and one thing only: disaster. Larry angers birthday boy Ben Stiller when he fails to bring him a gift and refuses to sing “Happy Birthday”. The icing on the cake happens when he causes an injury to Ben’s eye. Ouch.


The Ski Lift (season 5)

Trying to befriend a man he thinks can get a friend pushed up the waiting list for a kidney transplant, Larry entertains his mark at a ski retreat for the weekend. And it all goes downhill very quickly indeed.


The Therapists (season 6)

Separated from his wife Cheryl, Larry tries to prove he’s a changed man. His plan unravels, however, when his therapist (Steve Coogan) advises Larry to give her an ultimatum to come back to him. Things go from bad to worse when Larry tries to be the hero by thwarting a mugging he’s staged.


The Reunion (season 7)

With a Seinfeld reunion a very real possibility, Larry finally agrees to rebooting the hit sitcom. But does he have an ulterior motive? You’d better believe he does.


The Hero (season 8)

On a flight to New York, Larry becomes a hero when he takes down a drunken passenger who’s causing trouble. Is his act of bravery all it seems? Meanwhile, an attempt to impress guest star Ricky Gervais goes terribly wrong for Jeff.


The Accidental Text On Purpose (season 9)

Larry’s at his scheming best in this episode. Suggesting to friends that they deliberately send a text to their pals that looks like it was meant for someone else, Larry’s ploy doesn’t quite go according to plan. More fool them for going along with anything Larry says.


Happy New Year (season 10)

From opening a coffee shop just to cheese off an old rival to wearing a Make America Great Again cap to make people deliberately avoid him, season 10 opens with Larry causing havoc in the only way he knows how.


When is Curb Your Enthusiasm on TV?

Season 11 of Curb Your Enthusiasm starts at 9pm on Monday 25 October on Sky Comedy/HD (CH 135/123). Also available after broadcast in Catch Up > Channels > Sky Comedy.

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