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Reasons to watch Dead Pixels

Reasons to watch Dead Pixels

When the real world is too much, you can always rely on the online world for some escapism. Step inside the game Kingdom Scrolls for series 2 of sitcom Dead Pixels

By Laura Rutkowski, Staff Writer

Bored office workers Meg (Alexa Davies, White House Farm), Usman (Sargon Yelda, Spectre) and Nicky (Will Merrick, Skins) are back and just as addicted to fictional massive multiplayer online role-playing game Kingdom Scrolls.


Series 2 takes place about eight months after series 1 and there’s a new Kingdom Scrolls expansion pack! The game, which can be likened to World Of Warcraft, has caught on with a younger generation of players, making it more mainstream. Meg, Usman and Nicky, who have been there since day one, want to reclaim the game for themselves.


As the gang level up in their latest adventure, here’s why you should log on…

It’s created by the makers of Peep Show and the writers of Fresh Meat

BAFTA award-winning writer Jon Brown (Succession, Fresh Meat, Veep) penned the series, which he also executive produces alongside Peep Show and Fresh Meat creators Sam Bain and Jesse Armstrong. Brown and director Al Campbell have been described as massive gamers themselves.


It deals more with the characters’ lives outside of the game

Gaming chair? Check. Headset? Check. Drinks holder? Check. Nicky (Will Merrick) is all set up

Alison (Charlotte Ritchie, Ghosts), Meg and Nicky’s flatmate, encourages Meg to take part in more outdoor activities as she becomes concerned for her physical health. For Nicky, it’s love at first fight as a girl called Daisy beats him in the game, but will the connection be there in person? As for Usman, his gaming addiction continues to isolate him from his family and causes him to miss major life milestones.


The animation has been upgraded

“I am a Kingdom Scrolls bear – hear me roar!” 

The show is partly animated to tell the virtual side of the story and the avatars have been given a makeover. Gameplay bugs have been fixed, the colours are vibrant, the animation is far more detailed and the landscape has expanded.

The show doesn’t make fun of gaming, but rather, celebrates it

“This is a comedy about gamers for gamers,” Merrick told Newsbeat. For hardcore gaming fans, there are niche references, and for those who have never picked up a console or a keyboard, there’s plenty to keep them in on the joke.


“I don’t think you’re looking through a window into this odd life that is unconventional – you’re there with them, on their journey. It’s not point and look humour," Merrick added. “It’s funny, sad and moving – and all about their epic journey both in the game and outside it.”


Davies said Brown has “played so much himself that if there's a joke in there about spending five hours travelling in a blimp across a map, it's probably because John has done it. He is poking fun at himself, so this show comes from a loving place.”


When is E4’s Dead Pixels on TV?

Dead Pixels series 2 airs on E4/HD (CH 106/145) on Tuesdays at 10pm, with the first episode screening on January 26th. All six episodes will then be available in Apps & Games > All 4.

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