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Discover channels you (probably) didn’t know you had

Discover channels you (probably) didn’t know you had

Uncover sheds, science, history and more with these cracking, criminally underrated Discovery channels

If you can’t get enough of Discovery Channel and its furry, four-legged cousin Animal Planet, prepare to unearth a whole new world of entertainment on your tellybox…

Discovery channels round-up

Tube-tastic documentaries, snake-infested islands and mouth-watering recipes are there for the watching on some of the best channels you’ve (probably) never heard of. But what are these channels, and where can you discover them?


Fear not, dear reader, as we’ve assembled a list of the top Discovery discoveries you should be unearthing in your never-ending quest for top-notch telly…

Discover something new to view…

Whatever you love to watch, there’s definitely something for you here. Click on the flip cards below to reveal the channel we’re talking about and why you’ll love it:

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