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The Gifted keeps on giving…

The Gifted keeps on giving…

As the smash superhero show returns for a new season, we chat to stars Stephen Moyer and Natalie Alyn Lind about what to X-pect

If you’re a fan of tense, fast-paced, action-packed superhero shows then The Gifted should be right up your street – and it’s back this weekend with a bang!

The Gifted, Sunday 14 October, 9pm, FOX/HD (CH 157/199). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > FOX

Imagine you live in a world where the X-Men used to fight side by side with humanity for a better future – but a mysterious event sent them into hiding. Then imagine you’re a prosecutor tasked with incarcerating the remaining mutants, supposedly for the good of mankind… and then imagine that you discover your own children have the very same mutant superpowers as the people you’re supposed to be locking up. It’s enough to make your head spin!


That was the mind-boggling premise of the first season of FOX’s X-Men spin-off series The Gifted. It proved to be a huge success, with Stephen Moyer (True Blood) shining as prosecutor-turned-fugitive Reed Strucker who, after discovering his offspring’s fledgling powers, takes his family on the run.

Reed soon discovers there’s more mutant in the family than he ever suspected when his father joins up with them. And now, in the second season, new heroes, villains and settings – as well as some familiar foes from the comic-book source material – lie in wait, with the tension set to ramp up as the family struggle to balance their lives on the run with their newfound powers, not to mention avoiding the implacable authorities.


Before you tune in to this weekend’s opening episode, find out all you need to know about the upcoming season from Moyer and his co-star, onscreen daughter Natalie Alyn Lind…


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