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Can they pull off the perfect Heist?

Can they pull off the perfect Heist?

Get the full report on Sky One’s brand new series – so good, it’s criminal

Quarter of a million pounds or time behind bars? Everything’s in the balance for the ten contestants in this thrilling new series

Ten law-abiding contestants are tasked with stealing £250,000 from a security van, before stashing the money in the safest places they can find and attempting to evade capture for two weeks.


If, over the course of six thrilling episodes, they’re found by Yorkshire Police’s crack team of investigators, they’ll be taken down t’station for a cup of tea, a biscuit and a good grilling by former Met Police detective Sue Hill. But, if they’re able to avoid capture, they get to keep their life-changing share of the money!


It’s a deceptively simple concept, and one that soon gets under the skin of both contestants and audiences. The adrenaline-fuelled robbery gives way to two frantic weeks of paranoia, guilt and a palpable sense of pressure as the police close in. Can you handle it?


The Heist

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