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Join these WW2 Treasure Hunters

Join these WW2 Treasure Hunters

Madness frontman turned relic retriever Suggs chats about this illuminating docuseries on HISTORY

An empty field in the countryside is a detectorist’s dream. Suggs and World War II militaria expert Stephen Taylor are back to dig up more historical treasures…

WW2 Treasure Hunters, Monday 12 November, 9pm, HISTORY® (CH 270). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > HISTORY®

After amassing a significant cache of discoveries in the previous series, Suggs and his mate are back, scouring Europe’s boggiest fields for more Second World War artefacts.


Packed with fascinating stories and no shortage of incredible finds, this charmingly understated series is a rewarding watch. Suggs’ natural enthusiasm meshes perfectly with Taylor’s seemingly endless knowledge about each and every find – plus we don’t half like watching an untamed patch of field get a good digging.


Throughout the series you’ll find out the stories behind a fighter plane shot down near Hull during the Blitz, a huge hoard of ammunition in Northamptonshire and the West Country base where American GIs prepared for D-Day. In this week’s launch episode, though – a World War I special to mark Remembrance Sunday – the lads head to the site of Britain’s biggest military camp, Morn Hill, where they find everything from cap badges to condom tins (yes, you read that right). Suggs also visits the battlefields of Belgium to see the legacy of the war first-hand.


But before you dig into this cracker of a docuseries, read on to see what Suggs himself has to say about this series’ haul of finds…


WW2 Treasure Hunters

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