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The best Easter TV for kids

The best Easter TV for kids

No matter what the weather, whether you’re at home or on the road (or rail), we’ve got all the ammo you need to keep your kids fully entertained this Easter

By Virgin TV Edit

The Easter holidays are upon us. Which means that anything you can consume that’s egg-shaped, you ab-so-lutely will. We’re talking chocolate eggs. We’re talking actual eggs. We’re talking… um. OK, it’s really just those two things.

More stressful than choosing between two ovoids is keeping the kids entertained throughout the break. Fortunately, Virgin TV has you covered in that department with boredom-busting kids’ programmes available at the touch of a button.


On your all-singing, all-dancing telly box, there are hundreds of the best kids’ TV programmes available in On Demand > Kids (depending on your TV package) – including new episodes from plenty of their favourite shows and Box Sets they can watch again and again. Because these programmes are in On Demand, they can watch them whenever they want. But better than that: they can watch them whenever you want.


Because it’s Easter, you’ll probably end up on a road (or rail) trip at some point. We’re here to help in that department as well, with the Virgin TV Go app. You can take all your kids’ entertainment with you, meaning they’ve got access to the programmes they love, no matter where you are, or what traffic jam or rail replacement service you end up in.


Back at the homestead, your TV box also has a fantastic range of live channels including the recently launched Sky Kids (CH 707, also available on demand). There’s also CBBC HD (CH 701), CITV (CH 734) and, depending on your package, Cartoon Network HD (CH 704), Nickelodeon HD (CH 712), Cartoonito (CH 706), Boomerang (CH 730) and Nicktoons (CH 717), to name just a few.


And with the kids’ section of BBC iPlayer, plus fantastic apps including YouTube Kids, we really have got all your bases covered – whether your little ones are still at nursery or getting more grown-up by the day.


Need a place to start? Here are a few picks…



Find it on Cartoonito (CH 706) and in On Demand this Easter

Adult interpretations of Batman might be all dark and moody now, but this new kids’ animated series offers a sunnier spin on Gotham City. It revolves around a gang of talking vehicles called Bam, Redbird, Bibi, Batwing and Buff, who learn important lessons about teamwork, friendship and more while helping Batman, Robin and Batgirl in their various missions.


Madagascar: A Little Wild

Find it on Sky Kids (CH 707) and in On Demand this Easter

Spanning eight jolly seasons, this upbeat animated show serves as a prequel of sorts to the movie Madagascar, following its characters through their childhood years at the Central Park Zoo. If your kids love Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo and would like to see them be even cuter, this is just the ticket.  


We Bare Bears

Find it on Cartoon Network HD (CH 704) and in On Demand this Easter

Using an endearingly flat animation style inspired by a 2010 webcomic, this series follows three bear brothers – Grizzly, Panda and Ice Bear – as they try to make friends with humans in the San Francisco Bay Area. Suffice to say, these awkward attempts at integration don’t always go to plan…



Find it in On Demand this Easter

If you were obsessed with the iconic Japanese anime in your youth and have yet to introduce your own kids to it, now’s your chance. Various seasons of Pokémon will be available to watch on Virgin TV this Easter, so get ready to join Ash, Pikachu and the gang on their adventures.


Henry Danger

Find it on Nickelodeon HD (CH 712) and in On Demand from Saturday 1 April

Most kids fantasise at some point about being a superhero, but saving the world is a lot of responsibility for one child. That’s why the premise of Henry Danger is so brilliant. Thirteen-year-old Henry Hart lands a part-time job as Kid Danger, the sidekick to superhero Captain Man. Captain Man plans to train Henry up to eventually take his place – but for now, Henry’s just helping out.


Lu & The Bally Bunch

Find it on Cartoonito (CH 706) and in On Demand from Saturday 1 April

This brand new animated series is aimed at very little ones, following the adorable Lu as she starts pre-school and makes new friends called the Bally Bunch. It looks set to be a bright, gentle way of exploring the feelings of trepidation and excitement that come with nursery life.


PAW Patrol: Aqua Pups

Find it on Nick Jr. (CH 715) and in On Demand from Monday 3 April

PAW Patrol is a kids’ entertainment behemoth with its themes of friendship, helping others and, er, thwarting the plans of devious top-hatted mayors. in the series’ Aqua Pups episodes, the gang enter the ocean to take on various hectic missions around Puplantis – a mythical and beautiful underwater kingdom populated by Mer-Pups.


The Loud House

Find it on Nickelodeon HD (CH 712) and in On Demand from Wednesday 5 April

This animated series revolves around Lincoln Loud, the middle child and only son in a family of 11 children. Inclusive, funny and smart, with an animation style that harks back to classic 90s Nickelodeon shows, it’s been showered in awards and critical praise. This is one that grown-ups will enjoy, too.


Looking for more great TV this Easter?

Check out our weekly updated what to watch guide for the very best telly across Virgin Media. Find it here.

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