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Who is the ultimate survivalist?

Who is the ultimate survivalist?

Things are about to get extreme in new series Ed Stafford: First Man Out on Discovery

He’s one of the world’s top survival experts, but is he about to meet his match?

Ed Stafford: First Man Out, Thursday 31 January, 9pm, Discovery/HD (CH 250/251). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > Discovery

These days there are more survival experts on TV than you can shake a makeshift fishing rod at, but how many can claim to have walked the entire length of the Amazon? Just the one – Ed Stafford.


The Brit completed the mind-boggling (and Guinness World Record-holding) feat in 2010, walking, wading and occasionally wobbling for 860 gruelling days. His epic journey was shown as a fascinating documentary on Discovery (one of a handful of shows he’s made for the channel), and now he’s back for his latest unmissable challenge.

In Ed Stafford: First Man Out, the former British Army captain will be taking on some of the world’s top survivalists to see who really is the toughest of them all. With a series of extreme challenges lined up to establish the ultimate master of endurance, it’s going to be one intense battle for supremacy.


The first episode kicks off with Stafford taking on former Marine Aldo Kane, with the pair racing across the unforgiving terrain of Borneo’s mangrove swamps. Other challengers stepping up to the plate in this six-part series include Naked And Afraid’s EJ Snyder, military survival instructor John Hudson, and primitive survival expert Matt Graham. Rather them than us.


Viewers will also get in-depth analysis on the survival techniques being deployed by these tenacious competitors, thanks to insight from ex-jungle warfare and survival maestro Andrew “Woody” Wood.


Can Ed Stafford prove that he is the toughest cookie around? Or will we see a new king crowned? Tune in to Ed Stafford: First Man Out to find out.


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