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How to throw a Eurovision party

How to throw a Eurovision party


The epic singing contest is back in full swing on BBC One, so what better time to get the gang together for the ultimate party in your living room?

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The Eurovision Song Contest has returned after its 2020 hiatus – the first time the show didn’t go ahead in its 65-year history. For 2021, we’re headed to Rotterdam for the most fabulous international singing competition on the planet – and you can follow it all from 8pm on Saturday 22 May on BBC One HD (CH 101/108).


We’ve personally got a bit of a soft spot for Iceland this year… be that down to Will Ferrell’s naughty version of “Jaja Ding Dong” in Eurovision Song Contest: The Story Of Fire Saga, or contestant, Daði Freyr’s 2020 summer vibe, “Think About Things”. Love it or hate it, we reckon it would have bagged first place last year. Anyway, we digress…


As for the United Kingdom, this year’s entry is called “Embers” and will be performed by James Newman, who was due to represent Britain last year with a different song before the whole thing got canned.


British Eurovision entrant James Newman

Not only does British entrant James Newman have a great voice, he can also shoot laser beams from his shoulders

With the acts raring to go, it’s all set up to be a Eurovision like no other. But what is Eurovision without a Eurovision party in the comfort of your own home? Want to know what you can do to create an unforgettable experience when the action kicks off? Here are some top tips to make it an unforgettable night.


The perfect décor

You absolutely will need to get some bunting hung before your guests arrive – this is non-negotiable. Whether it’s the flags of the country you want to win, or mass representation of all contestants, it’s a cheap and colourful way to brighten up the room and set the mood. Pair it with some glitter for the table, and some party poppers to boot, and you’re well on your way to Eurovision chic.


Play along

Our favourite Eurovision game is based on the good old fashioned bingo card. You can make your own by pretty much listing out Graham Norton’s sassier comments, but you could also include stuff like: wind machine on stage, contestant in feathers, fake rain, crying happy tears… you get the idea.


It’s also fun to make up your own scorecards. Yeah, it might not be the most technical grading method, or the one the judges are using, but it’s a lot of fun. If you’d rather concentrate on your cocktails than make your own, you can download our scorecard to print at home by clicking here.



Don’t go hungry

Do you love to get creative in the kitchen? Why not whip up some internationally themed snacks, so your guests can truly appreciate the flavours of their new favourite countries?


If you’re not a confident cook however, just keep things simple. Put out some sausage rolls for the UK, some mini pizzas for Italy, and some (checks notes) pickled herring for Sweden.


Dress to impress

You can’t be sitting around in your PJs or sweats for Eurovision. The contest is the perfect excuse to be a bit extra and embrace your fabulous side. If there’s a feather boa at the bottom of your dress-up box, or pretty much anything with sequins on it in the wardrobe, get them on and wear them with pride!



Eating and drinking your way through Europe isn’t for everyone, but there is an international interest everyone can get on board with – money. Organise a sweepstakes for all your guests by pulling names out of a hat and pairing them with a country.


When is the Eurovision Song Contest 2021 on TV?

The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will air on Saturday 22 May at 8pm on BBC One HD (CH 101/108). Also available in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer.

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