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Backshall’s back, alright!

Backshall’s back, alright!

As the famed naturalist’s epic new series arrives on Dave, we sit down with the man himself to chat all things adventure

The man, the myth, the Backshall is back ­– journeying to more faraway places to perform jaw-dropping feats, and this time, he’s taking you along for the ride…

Expedition With Steve Backshall, Sunday 21 July, 8pm, Dave/HD (CH 127/227)

If there was ever a time before superhuman naturalist Steve Backshall was gracing our screens in all his knowledgeable, charming, bicep-tastic brilliance then, quite frankly, we don’t want to know.


He’s an absolute legend of the game. From educating a generation of kids about deadly animals to accomplishing record-setting feats of endurance and exploration, there’s pretty much nothing Backshall has shied away from, and for that, we adore him.

And now he’s back, this time embarking on ten (yes, ten) mind-blowing expeditions to places no human has ever been to before.


From the humid jungles of South America’s Guiana Shield to the ice-cold waters of a Himalayan river, Backshall and his team will have you on the edge of your sofa as they venture into increasingly hostile, unpredictable terrain.


Naturalist Steve Backshall in the jungle

The first episode alone features no shortage of heart-in-your-mouth moments, including Backshall abseiling down a frighteningly fragile rocky gorge and resting his thumbs mere millimetres away from a black piranha’s teeth!


The following episodes are similarly sumptuous, scary and stunning, with camerawork that makes you feel like you’re actually there alongside Backshall and his expert team of adventurers.


Before you tune into this weekend’s breathtaking opening episode, read on to find out all you need to know about the upcoming series from the man himself…


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Image creditExpedition With Steve Backshall © UKTV