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This criminally good drama is For Life

This criminally good drama is For Life


One man looks to overturn his unlawful conviction in brilliant new drama For Life on Sky Witness

By Virgin TV Edit

Sky Witness knows quality legal drama like a high-flying lawyer knows the legal profession itself. That’s to say inside out, upside down and any other way you can think of.


The latest addition to the channel’s suite of top shows is For Life, which lands on Friday 20 November – with every episode also available in On Demand from the same day.


For Life is inspired by the incredible true story of Isaac Wright Jr, an African-American man who was wrongly convicted on drug charges and sentenced to life in prison in New Jersey in 1991.

While behind bars, Wright worked as a paralegal, studied the law and eventually helped overturn his own sentence. Not only that, he also helped to overturn the convictions of 20 fellow inmates during the seven years he spent in jail.


In this new series (which numbers Wright and Curtis “50 Cent” Jackson among its executive producers), British actor Nicholas Pinnock (Marcella, Top Boy) plays Aaron Wallace, a man who has been sentenced to life in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. Wallace is desperate to be reunited with his family, but his quest for justice is made all the more difficult by the labyrinthine penal and legal systems in the US.


There’s only one way out and that’s to train as a lawyer and force his convinction to be quashed. But while he’s inside, this legal eagle gets to work on helping other inmates seek justice and become free men.


With a superb central performance from Pinnock and a great ensemble cast, brand new Sky Witness drama For Life is ready to hook you in.


When is For Life on TV?

You can watch episode 1 of For Life at 9pm on Friday 20 November. All episodes will be available in On Demand > Channels > Sky Witness from Friday 20 November.

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