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Forged In Fire

This show is a cut above the rest

This show is a cut above the rest

Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death is the obstacle course bladesmith competition you didn’t know you needed


Forged In Fire tests the skills of America’s best bladesmiths as they compete to recreate history’s most iconic weapons. And now, the ante has been upped once again…

Forged In Fire: Knife Or Death, Thursdays from 14 June, 10pm, HISTORY® (CH 270). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > HISTORY®

First, there was Bake Off. Then, Forged In Fire came along, which brought us Bake Off with blades. And now, we have Bake Off with blades plus an obstacle course thrown in for good measure, as America’s premier bladesmiths, martial artists and knife experts come together to do things like this…

Contestants forge edged weapons and submit them to two-time Forged In Fire champion Travis Wuertz for examination. If they are not up to standard, expect a disqualification.


The competitors are then up against the clock as they attempt to complete the obstacle course to end all obstacle courses. It’s A Knockout this certainly is not. The formidable gauntlet is designed to test the strength and craftsmanship of their blades.


“But why? Why would you put yourself through that?”, we hear you cry. Well, how does $20,000 (£15,000) sound? The winner of each episode gets a cash prize and a spot in the season finale, where they will compete in an epic showdown to clinch the $20,000.


It’s basically Gladiators, but with blades thrown into the mix. And as if this wasn’t enough excitement, WWE wrestling Hall of Famer, Bill Goldberg, will be hosting.


Just promise us that you won’t try this at home!

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