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A diamond drama

A diamond drama

One of the most audacious crimes in UK history is brought to life in new ITV series Hatton Garden

Timothy Spall and Kenneth Cranham star in this brand new series about a robbery that captured the nation’s imagination

Hatton Garden, Monday 20 May, 9pm, ITV/HD (CH 103/113). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > ITV Hub

As daring crimes go, few can touch the infamous Hatton Garden robbery. Back in 2015, a gang of elderly criminals stole cash and jewels worth millions of pounds from a London safe deposit facility in a heist that made headlines around the world.


Starring Timothy Spall and Kenneth Cranham, and co-written by BAFTA-winning screenwriter Jeff Pope (Philomena), this new four-part drama tells the sensational story of how a group of career criminals pulled off one of the most incredible heists ever seen – only for the long arm of the law to eventually collar them.

This gripping series – which was meant to air in 2017 before a court case forced a reschedule – not only focuses on the men who committed the robbery, it also shines a light on the fascinating police investigation to catch the perpetrators and how this most nerveless of crimes affected those who had valuables stolen.


“This is one of the most high-profile crimes of the last decade and we wanted to understand what happened – and why it happened,” says Pope. “The research threw up some fascinating detail and blew away many of the misconceptions about this story. It was not about a bunch of “loveable old blokes”; many box-holders lost everything in the raid. But the planning was clever and the characters involved unique.”


Want to know more about the notorious Hatton Garden heist? Before you tune in on ITV, we answer the big questions below.


What was the Hatton Garden robbery?

While you were busy munching on chocolate over the 2015 Easter Bank Holiday weekend, a group of criminals broke into an underground safe deposit at London’s Hatton Garden Safe Deposit Company. After reaching the facility through a lift shaft, the perpetrators drilled their way through the vault walls using an industrial drill, before nabbing the riches and making off in a van.


How much was stolen?

Despite initial reports claiming jewels and cash worth up to £200 million were taken, it’s now understood that the figure was closer to £14 million, making it one of the largest robberies ever carried out in England. It was certainly one of the boldest.


Who was involved?

A total of eight diamond geezers were eventually sentenced to prison for their participation: Brian Reader, Carl Wood, William Lincoln, Hugh Doyle, John Collins, Daniel Jones, Terry Perkins and Michael Seed. The gang made headlines due to the fact that the majority of its members were either in their 60s or 70s.


Was the loot recovered?

As of January 2018 it was reported that cash and jewels to the sum of around £3.5 million had been returned. A portion of the stolen goods were thought to have been sold on by the gang, albeit for a fraction of their actual price. At one point during the police investigation, Daniel Jones led police to a stash of stolen goods worth around £613,000 that been buried in a cemetery.


Has the heist been dramatised before?

It certainly has. Three films have been made about the robbery, including 2018’s King Of Thieves, starring Michael Caine, Ray Winstone, Jim Broadbent, Michael Gambon and Tom Courtenay. Hatton Garden is the first time the events have been depicted in a television series.


Hatton Garden, Monday 20 May, 9pm, ITV/HD (CH 103/113). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > ITV Hub

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