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Sex And The City

Play our Sex And The City cameo quiz

Play our Sex And The City cameo quiz

To celebrate its 20th anniversary, test your knowledge of the groundbreaking show 

It’s the outrageous series that defined the late 90s and early noughties – and it’s turning 20 this year!

Sex And The City, weekdays, from 10pm (times vary each night), 4Music (CH 337)

Sex And The City follows the ever-so-glamorous lives of four New York gals about town who know what they want, and aren’t afraid to ask.


While superficially it’s a show about a bunch of women negotiating the Manhattan dating scene in Manolo Blahniks that cost more than your month’s salary, a little deeper digging unearths a more heartening message.


Amid the on-off years of Carrie (Sarah Jessica Parker, Divorce) and Mr Big (Chris Noth, The Good Wife); the desperate attempts by Charlotte (Kristin Davis, Couples Retreat) to find a suitable husband; Samantha (Kim Cattrall, The Witness For The Prosecution) and her extensive list of conquests; and Miranda (Cynthia Nixon, Hannibal) and her long-suffering lover Steve (David Eigenberg, Chicago Fire), there is one relationship that really stands the test of time – that’s six seasons, two films and 20 years (the first episode aired on 6 June 1998). It’s the core foursome.


But before we get too sentimental about this, let’s celebrate some of the other reasons we still love SATC – outfits like these…

Carrie Bradshaw Sex And The City


Life lessons like this…

And, last but not least, the bevy of amazing celebrity cameos. Speaking of which, can you remember which stars have popped up in the show? There is only one way to find out – complete the quiz below and see if you can recall who has and who hasn’t had a SATC cameo…


Slay our SATC quiz

Sex And The City, weekdays, 10pm, 4Music (CH 337)


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