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The Intelligence boys are back

The Intelligence boys are back


David Schwimmer and Nick Mohammed are here to keep us safe once again, as the comedy returns for a new series on Sky One. What could possibly go wrong?

By Virgin TV Edit

There’s nothing top secret about the fact that Sky One comedy Intelligence was a big hit with viewers when it first aired in February 2020.


Starring David Schwimmer and the show’s writer and creator Nick Mohammed, it’s now back for a second run and ready to deliver more laughs than ever before. Want to know more? We’ve answered the big questions and decoded everything to know about the show’s big return below…


Brief me: what’s Intelligence about?

The cast of Intelligence


It’s a workplace comedy, but with a national security twist. David Schwimmer is Jerry Bernstein, a conceited United States National Security agent who is transferred to the UK to work at GCHQ (or Government Communications Headquarters, if you want to be formal about it). One of the first things Bernstein does is hire computer analyst Joseph Harries (Nick Mohammed) – and that’s the precise moment everything goes wrong.


How come?

Harries is – how do we put this nicely? – completely useless. His ineptitude leads the pair into all sorts of hilarious scrapes, as they attempt to work together to tackle cyberterrorism. The show’s wry observations about office life set against the backdrop of literally keeping the entire country safe is fertile ground for lots of laughs.


Is series 1 still available to watch?

Sure is! Every episode from the first series is available to watch right now in On Demand > Box Sets. You can read more about it right here.


What’s the lowdown for series 2?

It’s all kicking off. When the Russians get hold of a cyberweapon that Jerry helped to develop, the American has to step up and save the day. Which he is obviously all over. This, after all, is a man who never suffers from a shortage of confidence. And Joseph? Well, with his love life all over the shop, he’s in desperate need of some help. Maybe Jerry is the man to sort things out in that department as well…


Is there a trailer for series 2?

That there is. Have a watch below to see what’s in store in the new series…



When is Intelligence on TV?

You can watch the first episode of Intelligence series 2 at 9pm on Tuesday 8 June on Sky One/HD (CH 110/109). All episodes are also available to watch from Tuesday 8 June in Catch Up > Channels > Sky One.

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