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Irresistible drama

Irresistible drama

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event SeriesThe Affair and more are available to buy on the Virgin Media Store

There’s plenty to entice you away from the great outdoors on the Virgin Media Store. Curl up on the sofa with all of this…

Virgin Media Store round-up

Things are really hotting up this August on the Virgin Media Store. We’ve got mysteries, murders and extramarital affairs to get involved with. Plus, a stunning documentary about Robin Williams and his battle with mental health is also available.


Not heard about the Virgin Media Store? It’s the place where you can buy hundreds of ace films and TV Box Sets. Want to know more about how to order these top movies and series? Then read our full story here


Now, let’s get to the new stuff…

Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series

Twin Peaks

Buy Twin Peaks: A Limited Event Series on the Virgin Media Store

25 years after the original, seminal series, we return for more peculiar goings on from the genius mind of David Lynch. This time, we venture beyond the fictional Washington town of Twin Peaks, with settings including Las Vegas and New Mexico. Multiple storylines intertwine, with one figure at the core – it’s Agent Cooper (Kyle MacLachlan), of course! MacLachlan, Mädchen Amick, Dana Ashbrook and several other original cast members return, while fans will be pleased to know it’s still one of the most visually iconic series ever made. And look out for an unexpected, but hilarious, cameo from Michael Cera.


The Affair

The Affair

Buy The Affair seasons 1-3 on the Virgin Media Store

This Golden Globe award-winning series explores the impact of an affair, cleverly told from multiple perspectives. Each episode in season 1 is split in half and told from two points of view – married father of four Noah (Dominic West) and the woman he has an affair with, diner waitress Alison (Ruth Wilson). Seasons 2 and 3 infuse even more perspectives into the story. There really is nothing else on TV quite like it.


Ray Donovan

Ray Donovan

Buy Ray Donovan seasons 1-5 on the Virgin Media Store

Liev Schreiber plays the titular character in this seriously good crime drama. He’s a “fixer” for the rich and famous in LA – basically if you’ve got something – or someone – you want to go away, Ray’s the man you call. He does the dirty work, so you don’t have to. But when his father (Jon Voight) is suddenly released from prison, Ray’s life is turned upside down.


Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind

Buy Robin Williams: Come Inside My Mind on the Virgin Media Store

Acclaimed documentary-maker Marina Zenovich explores the rise of Williams’ career, and the internal struggles with his own mental health that led to his suicide in 2014. Zenovich paints a portrait of his complex relationship with comedy and its at times detrimental impact on his own mind, speaking to Whoopi Goldberg, David Letterman, Billy Crystal, Steve Martin and Williams’ first wife, Valerie Velardi.




Buy Gotham seasons 1-3 on the Virgin Media Store

Get well acquainted with the edge of your seat for this Batman prequel series, as season 3 joins the first two on the Virgin Media Store. James Gordon (Ben McKenzie) has returned to Gotham a very different man. The policeman is no longer about justice for the people – he’s a bounty hunter who’s just after the cash. Meanwhile Bruce Wayne (David Mazouz) endeavours to take down the sinister organisation, the Court of Owls.


How to use the Virgin Media Store

First, set up your account quickly an easily at Once that’s done, if you have a Virgin TV V6 box powered by TiVo® you can buy and watch hundreds of films and TV Box Sets via Virgin Media Store app on your box. Alternatively, if you’re not a V6 customer you can buy and watch via the Virgin Media Store website and do everything through that. Simple!


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