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We spy… series 2 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan!

We spy… series 2 of Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan!

Get stuck into this political thriller starring John Krasinski on Amazon Prime Video

Watch Jack Ryan go from hands-off analyst to full-blown action hero!

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Jack Ryan (John Krasinski, A Quiet Place, The Office US) has come a long way from series 1, where the ex-Marine and CIA analyst was plucked from his desk job and thrown into the line of fire. Along with his boss James Greer (Wendell Pierce, The Wire) and with help from Dr Cathy Mueller (Abbie Cornish, Three Billboards), he attempts to hunt down Mousa bin Suleiman (Ali Suliman), a Syrian-based terrorist who launched an attack in Paris.


At the end of season 1, Greer was promoted and sent to work in Moscow, meaning Ryan was appointed head of the agency’s Terror, Finance and Arms Division. In season 2, Ryan heads to South America to investigate a shipment of illegal arms, where we’ll see him embracing and adapting to his new role. Krasinski has called the second series “more morally ambiguous”, with Ryan grappling with his fight-or-flight response and the “grey” areas of life.

Are you ready to join the action? Find all the reasons you need to watch below…


John Krasinski makes a great Jack Ryan

This ain’t The Office no more – our Jim Halpert is all grown up and looking mighty fine! Trading paper sales for something a bit more exciting, Krasinski told Variety that Ryan is America’s answer to James Bond.


“Less sex, but he’s our James Bond”, he said. “He doesn’t have a cape, he doesn’t have stuff flying out of his hands, he’s just a guy with his brain and his instincts”. Brains and brawn – what’s not to love?  Wanting to fully get stuck into the role, Krasinski also trained with an Olympic rower on the Thames and visited the CIA headquarters.

This is the first television adaptation of the books

Tom Clancy’s Ryanverse novels have topped The New York Times bestseller list over and over again, with Ryan first appearing in 1984’s The Hunt for Red October. Clancy then went on to write 16 more books before his death in 2013, but Ryan lived on. A number of authors have helped to extend Ryan’s – and Clancy’s – legacy with new novels in the franchise, as well as connecting series.


Harrison Ford, Ben Affleck, Chris Pine and Alec Baldwin (who provided Krasinski’s favourite rendition) have all taken on the role of Ryan in films over the years, but this series is the first time we’ve seen him portrayed on TV. Although Krasinski has seen the films before, he decided not to re-watch them to prepare for the role.


Where a movie has about two hours of wiggle room to work with, the show has 45 minutes across eight episodes to really do the character justice and get that Clancy tone just right. Oh, and did we mention series 3 has already been greenlit? Whoop, whoop!

Some of season 2 was filmed in London

John Krasinski in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

As much as Londoners might try to avoid Leicester Square, this is one time where the tourist hotspot really was the place to be. The team also shot outside of the National Gallery and were running on real rooves (no stuntman here for Krasinski!). Watch along and give a big shout-out to landmarks like St Paul’s cathedral!

Jack Ryan and James Greer are bromance goals

It’s not just the characters’ onscreen bond we rate, but also the actors’ offscreen one. When asked who the ultimate Jack Ryan was, Pierce said, “John Krasinski, of course! That’s an easy one.” Krasinski has said Wendell is “one of the most fun people to hang out with, ever” and that he likes the idea of Ryan and Greer providing the “best love story” in the show. Aww!

There’s a great supporting cast

Michael Kelly as Mike November in Tom Clancy's Jack Ryan

For season 2, with the change of scenery comes a new group of stars. House Of Cards’ Michael Kelly (above) plays Mike November, the CIA station chief in Venezuela. Apparently, he and Krasinski were already firm friends prior to the show and bonded over darts! 


Noomi Rapace (The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo) is Harriet “Harry” Baumann, a German Federal Intelligence Service agent tracking a former associate in Venezuela. This multilayered character could be Ryan’s love interest, his ally or his enemy – or perhaps all three? Tom Wlaschiha (Jaqen H’Ghar, or “Faceless Man” from Game Of Thrones), has also joined as Max Schenkel, a foreign operative based in South America.



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