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Keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays

Keep the kids entertained over the summer holidays

We’re arming your TV and devices to make the school holidays the best one yet. Plus, don’t miss our special showcase featuring the best kids’ shows, at no extra cost

By Virgin TV Edit

The school holidays have arrived! It’s likely you fall into one of two camps. For some, it’s a summer of adventure and opportunity, the chance to make memories that’ll last a lifetime. While for others, it’s getting to day three of the break and realising you’ve already run out of activities. But no matter where you land, at some point, your telly is going to come in handy.


On Virgin Media, there’s a whole gaggle of great shows to keep the kids entertained. Your telly box is packed with a fantastic range of live channels, Box Sets galore and brilliant kids apps such as YouTube Kids and BBC iPlayer. But because summer isn’t just about staying indoors, you can pack up all the telly they love and watch on the go as well.


And even though we call it Virgin TV Go, that doesn’t mean you need to go anywhere. Want to free up the telly to catch up on the latest episode of your own favourite show? Or one of your kids is into something completely different from the other? You can watch Virgin TV Go on up to five devices, so everyone can watch what they want, when they want.


All this, plus we’re making 100s of new episodes of their favourite shows available in On Demand throughout the school holidays (depending on your package). When it comes to kids’ TV this summer, we’ve got your back!


But wait! That’s not all! Every weekend in August on Virgin Media Previews (CH 100) from 8am-10am, all customers will be able to watch our picks from the world of animation with episodes for kids of all ages. So, whether PAW Patrol is their jam, or they can’t get enough of We Bare Bears, we’re here for all of it. Read on to find out what they can watch…


Saturday 6 August

8am-10am, Virgin Media Previews (CH 100). Repeated on Saturday 27 August

Today, it’s all about Nick Jr with the very best of PAW Patrol. It’s normally at this point where we explain what the show is about. But if your little one is into PAW Patrol, there’s a good chance you’re already such an expert that you could conceivably go on Mastermind and not be remotely fazed if it came up as your specialist subject. So enjoy two hours of terrific PAW Patrol episodes on Monday!


Sunday 7 August

8am-10am, Virgin Media Previews (CH 100). Repeated on Sunday 21 August

Surreal. Hilarious. Brilliant. There’s a bit of that in all the shows that form the cream of the crop from Cartoon Network. This includes the nearly-superhero antics of Teen Titans Go!, the adventures of Panda, Grizzly and Ice Bear in We Bare Bears, Craig and his pals exploring the outdoors in Craig Of The Creek and the utterly wild British-American series Apple & Onion. This is a collection you’ll want to sit down and watch yourself, even if the kids aren’t around…


Saturday 13 August

8am-10am, Virgin Media Previews (CH 100)

This week showcases the best of Nickelodeon, including Danger Force – the spin-off from the long-running, much-loved Henry Danger – in which four new young heroes start their training at Swellview Academy for the Gifted. Lincoln Loud tries to survive life in a house full of girls in The Loud House, while there’s also brand new Warped!, which follows teenager Ruby as she moves to a different city and starts working at a comic store.


Sunday 14 August

8am-10am, Virgin Media Previews (CH 100). Repeated on Sunday 28 August

Kick-start Sunday for your very little ones with a blast of brilliance from the folks at Cartoonito. Here your kids can watch three episodes of Masha And The Bear, a double from Pontypandy’s finest Fireman Sam and, rounding off this morning marathon, a special episode from the Super Wings crew. 


Sunday 20 August

8am-10am, Virgin Media Previews (CH 100)

Nicktoons is taking us under the sea with the OG SpongeBob SquarePants and his best friend and breakout star (who also happens to be a starfish), Patrick. Today, you’ll be able to watch the original SpongeBob SquarePants show plus its spin-off series The Patrick Star Show, which has just been renewed for season 2. 

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