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Step into the ring with Christian Cage!

Step into the ring with Christian

The former professional wrestler weighs in on hosting Knight Fight on HISTORY®

Knight Fight is part WrestleMania, part Fight Club. Interested? We thought so!

Knight Fight, Tuesday 9 April, 9pm, HISTORY® (CH 270). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > HISTORY

“Fight!” yells former professional wrestler Jay “Christian” Reso in HISTORY’s new series, as he wills his warriors to battle. But the men entering the ring are no ordinary fighters. They’re not even wrestlers in the traditional sense – they’re modern-day knights competing in the Armored Combat League. And yes, it’s just as hardcore as it sounds.


This full-contact sport is known as medieval MMA or Knight Fight Club, and the first rule of Knight Fight Club is: You do not talk about Knight Fight Club. Actually, scrap that, it’s way too cool to not talk about, so let’s break it down ahead of the epic season finale, one axe swing at a time.

First off, this isn’t some no-holds-barred free-for-all. There are, in fact, rules. The knights must use blunted weapons and the following moves are prohibited: stabbing; striking the groin, feet or back of the knee; and striking a man on the ground. Despite this, the weapons still leave some absolutely massive dents in the armour worn by competitors!


Each episode features six contestants who are judged on their aggression, technique and defence by a panel of three experts: host and former WWE superstar Jay “Christian” Reso; Armored Combat League co-founder and armour expert Andre Sinou; and medieval and renaissance fighting instructor John Clements.


Knight Fight judges Andre Sinou, Jay Reso and John Clements

Knight Fight judges Andre Sinou, Jay Reso and John Clements

If you’re expecting competitors comically charging towards each other weapons held aloft, you’d be seriously off the mark. This still relatively underground sport is serious and deserves to be taken as such. That clanging metal-on-metal sound and the ferocity of the competitors will have you wincing, gawping and shrieking like a medieval spectator!


Knight Fight competitors lining up for battle

The champion from each round wins $10,000 and a place in the season finale, where they can have a stab at nabbing the championship title and a further $10,000. But before the winning knight is crowned champion, we caught up with the man behind the melee, Jay Reso, better known by his pro-wrestling moniker, Christian Cage, to find out more.



Knight Fight, Tuesday 9 April, 9pm, HISTORY® (CH 270). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > HISTORY   

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