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Life’s a beach for Lindsay Lohan!

Life’s a beach for Lindsay Lohan!

Back and better than ever, the Mean Girls star gives us a tour of Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club on MTV

“I’ve gone through so much in my past. People have always given me trouble for going to clubs, so why don’t I just open my own?”

Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club, Wednesday 9 January, 10pm, MTV/HD (CH 134/183). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > MTV

That’s right, noughties icon Lindsay Lohan is taking Greece by storm with her new beach club. And with more sunshine and beach parties than you can shake a parasol at, Lindsay Lohan’s Beach Club is the perfect remedy to cure your January blues.


The show follows ten brand ambassadors who work for some of America’s foremost nightclubs and bars as they take on new roles in Lohan’s club and restaurant. It’s billed as a more glamorous version of fellow reality series Vanderpump Rules, which follows former The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump at her California restaurant SUR.


Together with her business partner Panos, Lohan will be running things at the venue in Mykonos, Greece. And if the trailer is anything to go by, she’ll be keeping a close eye on her new employees. “Just like everyone watches me, I’m watching them. The camera’s flipped now.”

You might be familiar with the 2014 documentary Lindsay, which charted the actress’s journey to get her life back on following several personal and professional setbacks. Beach Club however, sees Lohan in her element as a burgeoning hospitality mogul. The Mykonos location is Lohan’s third venue in Greece, following the Lohan Beach House Rhodes and Lohan nightclub in Athens.


But for anyone expecting work under Lohan to be non-stop partying, prepare to be shocked. Turns out she’s no soft touch – just take a look at her social media activity. On a snap posted to the Lohan Beach House Rhodes Instagram account in which two staff members are pictured wearing identical outfits (but different shoes), Lohan commented: “Wear the same shoes please”, followed by “Or you’re fired” and then later, “Totally serious”. Yikes! The newbies better take heed… We wonder if they will have to wear pink on Wednesdays a la Mean Girls!


As Lohan says in the trailer: “To work for me you have to be the best of the best.” And it certainly looks like building an empire is a whole lot of fun – you might have already seen Lohan partying it up in Mykonos in a viral clip of her dancing, which prompted her to create #DoTheLilo on social media. Yep, that same dance features in the trailer, set to her 2008 song, “Bossy”. Well, she is her own boss now…


It’s like all of our teenage dreams are coming true! How we’ve missed you LiLo. Bring on the sun, sea, sand, and of course, the drama! Who wouldn’t want to see LiLo lounging on a lilo while #DoingTheLilo?!


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Lindsay Lohan's Beach Club

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