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TV dating is about to take off!

TV dating is about to take off!

Love At First Flight is a new reality series that takes its contestants on a journey – literally

For budding new couples, the first trip away can make or break a relationship. But this reality series takes things to the extreme…

Love At First Flight, Thursdays from 5 July, 10pm, Lifetime®/HD (CH 208/209). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > Lifetime®

Can a once-in-a-lifetime journey turn a brand new couple into marriage material? Love At First Flight is here to find out.


Using professional matchmakers to pair up total strangers, this new Lifetime® series introduces them for the very first time in New York, before sending them off on a romantic – and stress-filled – trip across America that ends in Los Angeles.

“What a way to fast-track a relationship” we hear you cry. But wait… there’s more! When the couples touch down in the City of Angels, they’re given a choice: get married there and then in the airport, or never see each other again.


The couples undergo a series of travel-based challenges as they travel from coast to coast, putting their compatibility to the ultimate test.


Will they create memories too precious to leave behind? Is one epic trip enough time for two people to decide to spend the rest of their lives together? These are the questions that these unlucky-in-love singletons will be asking themselves on their travels. For every candlelit dinner under the stars, there’s a hellish argument over map reading, and for every sunset cocktail, there’s a very public screaming match in the middle of a crowded airport.


But, if everything works out, what a story they’ll have to tell the kids, eh? Lifetime®, only available with Full House TV, is forever blessing us with must-watch reality series like these. If you’re wondering what else the channel has in store this July, feast your eyes on this lot…


For more unconventional romance…

Watch Arranged, Thursdays from 5 July, 9pm

Three couples from different cultural backgrounds share one key belief – arranged marriage. Arranged follows these couples in the lead-up to the big day and over the following months to see how they are settling into their brand new lives together.


For teen spirit…

Watch Bring It!, Mondays from 9 July, 9pm

Get synchronising those hair swishes because Bring It! is back! The show sees three teams of teenage hip-hop dancers battling it out under the unconventional, super fierce tutelage of coaches Neva, Reshonda and Rondre. Expect dance-offs with more attitude than you’ve ever seen before.


For model mayhem…

Watch I Can Make You A Supermodel UK, every day from Tuesday 3 July, 1pm

If you fancy a week-long marathon of model TV, here’s another chance to watch the first of modelling agent Paul Fisher’s UK series. Scouts hit the streets of Britain in search of ordinary people they think have what it takes to make it as supermodels. But this show is about far more than just looks, as the contestants learn more about the hard graft needed to break into the modelling world.


Need more realness?

Then discover more drama on our reality TV homepage here.


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