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First Contact: Love Island: Australia!

First Contact: Love Island: Australia!


This summer has got the look of… Love Island: Australia

By Laura Rutkowski, Staff Writer

Most of our summers revolve around Love Island, so when it was announced that it was scrapped this year, we all let out a collective, disappointed cry of: “IT IS WHAT IT IS!” But the good news is that it isn’t actually what it is – what it actually is (OK, we’ll stop) is this… you can put all your eggs into the basket of Love Island: Australia this June. Water bottles at the ready, everyone – you won’t have to miss the show of the summer after all. This is a very good day indeed, or should we say g’day!


It’s being branded as “the Love Island you love, just with a different accent!” Hosted by Australian TV personality Sophie Monk and narrated by Irish radio presenter Eoghan McDermott, it sees ten single Aussies trade the Outback for a luxury villa in Mallorca. Check out the promo below!

We already heard one new catchphrase in there that’s going to inch its way into our vocabulary – “naughty naughty.” We can expect plenty more from the islanders as they snog, argue and flirt their way to the $50,000 cash prize. As we’re going to be seeing and hearing a lot about the latest batch of saucy singletons, let’s meet them!   

Love Island Australia 2020

Place your bets...

The girls (from left)

Natasha, 24, beautician from Perth

Tayla, 21, beauty queen from Perth

Erin, 23, nurse from Melbourne

Cassidy, 23, barmaid from Melbourne

Millie, 24, animal handler (not a euphemism) from Sydney


The guys (from left)

Charlie, 22, footballer from Sydney

Eden, 25, prison guard from Sydney

Justin, 27, model from Melbourne

Grant, 22, tradie (Aussie slang for workman) from Canberra

Josh, 25, sports admin from Sydney


If you’re impatient for Love Island: Australia to start, or you just want to make sure you’re always coupled up with a reality dating series, make a move on the five below.


1. 90 Day Fiancé: Before The 90 Days

Find season 4 in Catch Up > Channels > TLC

There was no way we weren’t including this on our list, not least because season 4 is one of the most explosive yet. Also, it’s a personal favourite. If you have a spare two hours on a Thursday, tune in as Americans visit their partners who live in different countries.


They hope to get engaged and bring them to the US on a K-1 visa. Once it’s approved, the couple has 90 days to get married, a journey which is followed in the show 90 Day Fiancé. Nothing is ever smooth sailing before the 90 days, when the pairs have a lot to figure out if they want to enter into wedded bliss. Big Ed hands down steals the show this season.

2. Love After Lockup

Find season 2 in Catch Up > Channels > TLC

If you thought 90 Day Fiancé had drama, you haven’t seen anything yet. In Love After Lockup, one half of the featured couples are in jail. The show follows what happens when they get out to finally be with their partners in the outside world. It’s not an easy road from jailbird to lovebird, which naturally makes for some strangely compelling TV. We’re fully expecting the producers to have Love After Lockdown already in the pipeline – if they don’t, they’ve seriously missed a trick.

3. Love Is Blind

Find it on Netflix

This show was all anyone could talk about when it was released (our colleagues who don’t tend to watch reality dating shows included). The concept is to test the theory: “Is love really blind?” A group of singles meet in “pods,” where they don’t see each other, only hear each other’s voices. As they build genuine, emotional connections, are they willing to take the next step and get engaged to someone they’ve never technically met before? Essential research before watching: look up “sexy baby voice” and thank us later. 

4. Too Hot To Handle

Find it on Netflix

Off the back of Love Is Blind’s success, Netflix rolled out another original dating series. It’s very watchable, if a bit silly at times. Hotties from all over the world travel to paradise in the hopes of fooling around with their fellow singles. They get a rude awakening when virtual assistant Lana informs them there will be no hanky-panky of any kind, unless they want money to be deducted from their shared money pot of $100,000. With a kiss setting them back $3,000, that better be one hell of a smooch!  


5. The Skin Deep’s {THE AND}

Find it on YouTube (CH 198) 

This Emmy award-winning documentary series brings together a diverse range of individuals (real couples, parents and their children, blind dates, exes, friends, strangers) to ask each other hard-hitting questions. No topic is off-limits as you gain an intimate insight into these complicated and beautiful relationships. Above all, they remind you just how wonderful it is to be a human being. They’re also doing virtual series now, which will give you goose bumps just the same. You can buy card sets to try out the questions with your loved ones at home, or just take notes from the videos and get to know someone on a deeper level.


When is ITV2’s Love Island: Australia on TV?

Love Island: Australia airs on ITV2/HD (CH 115/176) nightly at 9pm, with the first episode screening on Monday 15 June. It is also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > ITV Hub.


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