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Super BFFs

Super BFFs

With season 1 of Marvel’s Cloak & Dagger available in On Demand, check out these other unlikely superhero pairings

Well, you know what they say: opposites attract…

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Cloak and Dagger are described as a “divine pairing”, much like yin and yang, or darkness and light. Their fates were irrevocably interlinked following an oil rig accident that caused them to develop superpowers. Tyrone Johnson (Aubrey Joseph), aka Cloak, can engulf people in darkness, witness their fears and tap into an otherworldly realm called the Darkforce Dimension. On the other superpowered hand, Tandy Bowen (Oliva Holt) is called Dagger because she can psychically emit daggers of light and access people’s hopes and desires by touching them.


Despite the tragedy of their shared past, their paths don’t cross again until several years later. In this Marvel series, we meet them in their teens, with Tyrone a relentless perfectionist and Tandy a self-destructive street thief. But it’s always better when they’re together.

In the comics, Tandy represents hope and Tyrone represents fear, but executive producer Joe Pokaski took a different approach, as he told TVLine: “For me, it was a little oversimplified and not entirely appropriate.” Unlike her comic-book counterpart, Cloak & Dagger’s Tandy is disillusioned, jaded and world-weary. “There’s something exciting about having a cynical character like Tandy who steals things and doesn’t believe in the good of man, yet sees the best in them when she touches them,” Pokaski explained.


In the comics, Tyrone and Tandy become romantically involved – hardly shocking considering the literal chemistry that binds them together! But don’t expect any PDA just yet… this is one narrative arc the series is taking slowly. According to Pokaski, the first season is “more about finding your best friend. If Buffy The Vampire Slayer was about “Nobody understands me”, then this show is about “There’s exactly one person who understands me”.”


Cloak and Dagger are ultimate #friendshipgoals, but what other superheroes have forged unlikely alliances? Below, we round up the characters who are almost certainly hiding one half of a “Best Friends” necklace underneath their costume. 


All of the best friendships begin with the two parties wanting to kill each other, right? Cage and Danny Rand (Iron Fist) engage in a power struggle during a fight (a fight that, unbeknown to the pair was orchestrated by one of Cage’s enemies), but the unbreakable man holds back from killing Rand. The misunderstanding is cleared up, the two fast become friends and even offer their services as “heroes for hire”. You can catch their banter and bickering in The Defenders, a crossover miniseries. Luke even names his daughter Danielle after his good pal Danny. Aww.


Erik (Magneto) and Charles (Professor X) seem like chalk and cheese on the surface – the former a concentration camp survivor, the latter a billionaire – but the one thing they have in common is their will to survive. They both want the best for mutants and initially unite under this common goal (X-Men: First Class). However, where Charles seeks to ensure humans and mutants can co-exist in harmony, Erik believes that mutants should use their powers to dominate the human race. A truly murderous meeting of minds.


Never is this friendship stronger than in Thor: Ragnarok, but you’d think these two strongmen would have a battle of egos big enough to rival those on show in Infinity War! Mark Ruffalo (Hulk), puts it best: “There’s an oddball quality to it – Hulk’s largeness and simplicity of thinking and Thor’s otherworldly, god-like naïveté. And in the case of Bruce Banner and Thor, you’ve got the least superhero of them all with the most superhero of them all. It’s so silly and goofy and fantastic, of course you’re going to have high jinks.” Also, have you seen Ruffalo and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on press tours together? It’s an adorable real-life friendship we’re crazy about.


But mainly: Jubilee, who Wolverine brings to the X-Mansion, treats like a daughter and then abandons (but this is more apparent in the comics than in the films); Rogue, a young girl with soul-sucking powers who Wolverine saves by essentially sacrificing himself; Gambit, whose initially frosty relationship with Logan in X-Men Origins: Wolverine soon thaws into a cool friendship; and Cyclops, although they are definitely more frenemies than friends.


There are two completely opposing ideologies at play here: Daredevil believes in the justice system (he’s a lawyer by day, after all), while The Punisher believes he is justice; frequently acting as judge, jury and executioner. Partnering up one minute and locking horns the next, this team-up is fragile, occasionally vicious, but always wildly entertaining.


A mysterious and deceptively powerful space tree (that may or may not be a god or possibly even the embodiment of life itself) + a genetically engineered, technologically adept raccoon with an unhealthy penchant for huge guns = BFFs.


Both are soldiers, but from completely different eras. The only other thing they have in common is their love of Captain America (aka Steve Rogers). In the Avengers films and in the comics, both have been considered favourites to take up the famous shield when Rogers retires. All things considered, they really should be fighting each other like annoying little brothers as they compete for Cap’s attention. But love is clearly in the air for this pair – they’ve got their own Disney show and even had a touching bromance moment or two in Avengers: Endgame.


A Shakespearian kind of comradery, Deadpool and Cable start off as sworn enemies, but end up seeing sense; joining forces to become an unstoppable death-dealing duo in Deadpool 2.


They’re mates as their human selves, but enemies as their superhero alter egos. Osborn blames Spider-Man for the death of his father, Norman Osborn, aka supervillain Green Goblin – a mantle Henry later assumes in his quest for revenge.


Obviously this is the big one and has long been a mainstay of DC Comics crossover stories featuring the pair (and in the films, like Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice). Simply put, they shouldn’t be friends because they are so unlike each other. However, their shared commitment to achieving justice without resorting to murder is the thing that sets their alliance apart.


Want even more MCU?

From the silver screen to the small screen you can find all manner of Marvel mainstays, supervillains and antiheroes on our Marvel universe homepage. Check it out for more comic-book based action!

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