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Get even closer to nature

Get even closer to nature

Discover a whole new world with these documentaries on our Ultra High Definition channel

Find out more about our amazing planet with these documentaries in stunning UHD

Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) – press the up button on the EPG to easily access Virgin TV Ultra HD

There’s nothing quite like settling down on the sofa and treating your eyes to an amazing nature documentary. And they’re even better in stunning Ultra HD, which is up to four times the clarity of standard High Definition!


You’ll find a host of astonishing documentaries that profile our planet in all its majestic glory on your new Virgin TV UHD channel (and no ad breaks!). From awesome Africa to beautiful Brazil and beyond, discovering more about the natural world never looked so good.


This week, you can travel the globe in just seven days with these unmissable picks on Virgin TV Ultra HD…


Undiscovered Vistas

Friday 26 October, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999)

If you’re the type of person who likes a holiday that’s off the beaten track, you’ll find plenty of inspiration here. Explore some of the world’s hidden scenic gems and learn more about their history and wild inhabitants.


The Big Dry

Saturday 27 October, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) 

From the producers of Planet Earth and Life comes this amazing profile of Zambia’s Luangwa Valley. With no rain for seven months of the year, conditions here are tough. Can the valley’s wildlife survive this ultimate test?


Mysteries Of The Mekong

Monday 29 October, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) 

Despite boasting incredible biodiversity, much of the Mekong basin in Southeast Asia remains unexplored. It’s time to get up close and personal with the area’s vast array of magnificent mammals, bewildering birds and more.


Great Parks Of Africa

Tuesday 30 October, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) 

Go behind the gates of some of Africa’s astounding national parks, where the continent’s most endangered animals are given special protection. From South Africa to Botswana, learn more about the conservation efforts of these remarkable sanctuaries.


Brazil Untamed

Wednesday 31 October, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) 

Home to nearly 1,500 different species of animal, Brazil’s Pantanal, the world’s largest inland wetland, is one of the most varied regions on Earth for wildlife. Discover how its colourful inhabitants cope with its changing environmental conditions and evade attacks from ferocious predators.


Great Blue Wild

Thursday 1 November, 9.10pm, Virgin TV Ultra HD (CH 999) 

Head under the sea and unearth a world of wonderous aquatic wildlife in this gorgeously shot documentary. Get acquainted with the weird and wonderful creatures that live below the surface of the Earth’s oceans.


How to access the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel

You’ll find all the details explaining what you need here. Then simply press the up button on the EPG to easily access all these great shows on the Virgin TV Ultra HD channel!

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