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Season 4 of Never Have I Ever is here!

Season 4 of Never Have I Ever is here!

Mindy Kaling’s smart and sweet comedy returns for senior year. Plus, our favourite series to watch if you’re a fan of the show…

By Charlotte Briggs, Staff Writer

Grab your books because we’re heading back to school for a final year at Sherman Oaks High.


Over the last three seasons we’ve hung out with Devi (Maitreyi Ramakrishnan, Turning Red) and her best friends Fabiola (Lee Rodriguez, Grown-ish) and Eleanor (Ramona Young, Santa Clarita Diet) as they’ve navigated friendships, feelings and family.


We’ve cringed, cried and chuckled as the group went through relatable teenage growing pains as well as their collective, hormone-fuelled attempts to get laid. And now the trio are entering their senior year, concluding their individual journeys to womanhood and beyond on the small screen.


But the fun isn’t over yet! There’s more hook-ups, prom and graduation to look forward to first – check out the trailer for the upcoming season below to see what’s in store for our favourite girls.



The series is the brainchild of actress, comedian and screenwriter Mindy Kaling (The Mindy Project) and former 30 Rock and Brooklyn Nine Nine writer Lang Fisher, who released the comedy drama on Netflix back in 2020. Since then, it’s held the People’s Choice Award for the Comedy Show of the Year title for three consecutive years. Impressive!


Also starring in the series are Poorna Jagannathan (Big Little Lies) as Devi’s mother, Darren Barnet (Love Hard) and Jaren Lewison (Tag) as Devi’s main love interests Paxton and Ben respectively, and even tennis legend John McEnroe as the show’s narrator.


And as Never Have I Ever heads back to campus for the last time, we’re hoping that some of our burning questions are answered before the bell rings. Will Devi end up with Ben, Paxton or someone new? And will she make it into her dream college, Princeton? There’s only one way to find out.


You can catch season 4 from Thursday 8 June on Apps & Games > Netflix. And if you want to head to roll call a little bit earlier, then seasons 1-3 are available now on Apps & Games > Netflix.


Feeling gloomy that Never Have I Ever is coming to an end? We know how you feel. But as Devi already knows, there are plenty more fish in the sea. Check out our round up of comedies you should watch next, that share the same heart and humour as Never Have I Ever and are guaranteed to make you laugh.



Find it on Apps & Games > Channel 4

Adapted from Israel’s Little Mom series by native Hullensian Lucy Beaumont, this female-led comedy centres around the joyfully dishevelled lives of working-class women Toni (Leah Brotherhead, White Gold), Rana (Taj Atwal, Stella) and Paula (Sinead Matthews, The Power). From messy motherhood moments to hilarious high-jinks, this heart-warming series is utterly bingeable and never fails to make us laugh-out-loud.


Colin From Accounts

Find it on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

This Aussie series about finding love is penned by husband-and-wife team Patrick Brammall and Harriet Dyer. The first episode begins with a less-than-romantic encounter between Gordon (Brammall) and Ashley (Dyer), involving a car accident and an injured dog. What ensues is a modern-day love story that’s as sweet as it is funny, reminding us that the right person will love you if you’re brave enough to be yourself. Aw!


The Sex Lives Of College Students

Find season 1-2 in Apps & Games > ITVX

Looking for another teen dramedy to binge from Mindy Kaling? Then tune into The Sex Lives Of College Students, which chronicles the lives of four freshmen housemates attending a prestigious Ivy League college. Filled to the brim with sororities, sex and sisterhood, the misadventures of Kimberley (Pauline Chalamet), Bela (Amrit Kaur), Whitney (Alyah Chanelle Scott) and Leighton (Reneé Rapp) will remind you of your own university days.



Find series 1-3 on Apps & Games > Netflix

This refreshing take of mums at the school gate will leave you in stitches on every rewatch. Anna Maxwell Martin (Line Of Duty), Diane Morgan (Cunk On Earth), Paul Ready (Bodyguard) and Tanya Moodie (Rain Dogs) show off their acting chops with hysterical performances as parents just trying to survive the school run, PTA meetings and queen bee Amanda (Lucy Punch, Bloods), with plenty of comedic chaos thrown into the mix.


Awkwafina Is Nora From Queens

Find it on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Nora Lum AKA comedian Awkwafina is a woman of many talents, as shown in her semi-autobiographical series based in her Queen’s hometown. Set in the New York City neighbourhood of Flushing (where her father opened one of its first Cantonese restaurants), Awkwafina draws on her own adolescent experiences to create a larger-than-life comedy about navigating young adulthood in the Big Apple.



Find series 1-3 on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

Another Aussie favourite is this comedy drama that begins with an unexpected pregnancy between high achiever Oly (Nathalie Morris) and fellow student Santi (Carlos Sanson Jr), who juggle parenting duties in between timetables, exams and teenage growing pains. Now that the long-awaited third season has landed on British screens, we can’t wait to find out what the pair have been up to since they graduated five years earlier.  



Find series 1-3 in On Demand

While Martin Freeman (The Hobbit) has plenty of silver screen titles under his belt, he’s also behind the award-winning series Breeders, examining the unrelenting pressures of family life through a witty and relatable lens. Starring alongside Daisy Haggard (Back To Life) as his fellow stressed parent and wife, no topic is off limits from school productions and parents’ evenings to anger issues and IVF. And with a fourth season on the way there’s never been a better time to start watching.



Find it on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

British comedy giant Romesh Ranganathan (Romantic Getaway) is behind this bittersweet comedy about a father with severe conflict-avoidance issues. But it’s not as gloomy as it sounds, as Ranganathan gives an endearing performance as a father who wants to make his son happy, despite his own world tumbling down. Plus, keep an eye out for familiar faces Lisa McGrillis (Hebburn), Jessica Knappett (Drifters) and Mandeep Dhillon (After Life).


Four Weddings And A Funeral

Find it on Apps & Games > Channel 4

Another Mindy Kaling creation is this series adaption of Richard Curtis’ 1994 film of the same name. Four friends – Maya (Nathalie Emmanuel, Game Of Thrones) Craig (Brandon Mychal Smith, Sweet/Vicious) Ainsley (Rebecca Rittenhouse, The Mindy Project) and Duffy (John Reynolds, Search Party) – reunite for a fabulous nuptials in London that triggers a chain reaction of love-related events. Cue a year of heartaches, love affairs, four weddings and (spoiler) a funeral.


Our Flag Means Death

Find it on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer

If you thought Devi’s love life was complicated, then you need to check out this queer romcom. Inspired by real-life aristocrat-turned-pirate Stede Bonnet, this swashbuckling series is set in the 17th-century Golden Age of Piracy. Rhys Darby (Guns Akimbo) plays Captain Bonnet, who assembles a dysfunctional crew to poorly pillage and plunder wherever they go. Things take an unexpected turn though when Captain Bonnet comes face-to-face with the ultimate bad boy – Blackbeard (Taika Waititi, Jojo Rabbit).


When can I watch season 4 of Never Have I Ever?

Season 4 will debut on Thursday 8 June on Netflix. You can catch seasons 1-3 on Apps & Games > Netflix now.


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