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Movies, meals and low-rider wheels

Movies, meals and low-rider wheels

Join the baking expert on a road trip packed with culinary and cinematic delights in Paul Goes To Hollywood on Food Network

The steely-eyed Bake Off judge combines his three favourite pastimes in this mouth-watering new travel series…

Paul Goes To Hollywood, Thursday 28 November, 9pm, Food Network (CH 278)

When he isn’t staring terrified contestants into fits of floury paranoia in the Bake Off tent or rustling up ludicrously expensive bread recipes for Harrods, Paul Hollywood can be found doing one thing. Well, one of two things actually – watching films or obsessing over gnarly, low-rider motorcycles.


And now, with his new travel series, the stars have well and truly aligned for the silver-haired cobfather. Over a “gruelling” few weeks of “work”, Hollywood journeys from New York to LA on a custom-made motorcycle, visiting classic film locations and sampling their iconic treats along the way.

Paul Hollywood sat atop a motorcycle

He even enlists a few celebrity guests to help him cook up a storm, including Lisa Kudrow (Friends), Teri Hatcher (Desperate Housewives) and (the first) Hannibal Lecter himself, Brian Cox.


Razzamatazz aside, it’s refreshing to see Hollywood’s inner big kid on full display; revving engines and tucking into delicious foodstuffs in a variety of scenic locales. You can’t help but smile along as he fully immerses himself in the locations where some of his favourite movies were filmed.


From Easy Rider to Forrest Gump via The Godfather and The Matrix, Hollywood is true to his name in being a serious, self-proclaimed film buff. He even re-enacts some of his favourite film moments, with the entire trip effectively a means of achieving a childhood dream of becoming a character in Easy Rider.


As such, we’ve incorporated the baking legend into some of Hollywood’s most renowned films to see how everyone’s favourite silver fox might have fared on the silver screen. Click/hover on the film posters below to learn more…


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