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Meet the stars of Pennyworth

Meet the stars of Pennyworth

We sit down with the cast of DC’s hit new series about Batman’s trusted friend and father figure, new on STARZPLAY

If Alfred Pennyworth’s name conjurs up an image of a balding British butler with a silver tray balanced on one hand… prepare to think again!

Pennyworth, available on the STARZPLAY app from Friday 25 October

If you’ve ever watched one of the gritty Batman films, the colourful animated series or the 60s TV serial packed with “Kapows” and wondered, “How did Alfred come to be Batman’s butler?”, then Pennyworth is the series for you.


The DC series, quite brilliantly, tells the story of how Alfred came to be the Wayne family’s dutiful butler. But where it could have been a costume drama in the vein of Downton Abbey (something we’d still like to see!), this action-packed drama takes a more Kingsman-esque, Bond-style approach to exploring the character’s history.

’s Jack Bannon channels his grizzled, inner Michael Caine as Alfred Pennyworth, a former special forces operative, who’s enlisted by American businessman Thomas Wayne (Ben Aldridge, Fleabag, sporting the sharpest moustache in TV this year) to help track down a cutthroat group of kidknappers. 


It’s a proper romp – or, as the man himself might say in one of his more geezer-ish moments, “a right old knees-up” – packed with all the flourishes you’d expect from a DC series. We’re talking sinister baddies (here’s looking at Paloma Faith’s amazingly unnerving psychopath, Bet Sykes), scenes tenser than a tightrope and enough action to satisfy comic book lovers and newcomers alike.


We guarantee you won’t be disappointed. But if you need more convincing, read on to see what stars Jack Bannon, Paloma Faith and Ben Aldridge have to say about the series and all things Batman…



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