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Say Yes To The Dress in this special episode!

Say Yes To The Dress in this special episode!

Gok Wan’s helping a bride choose her gown for the big day – but can you find yours with our quiz?

Do you belong in Carrie Bradshaw’s iconic Vivienne Westwood gown? Or are you more Sophie from Mamma Mia? Find out with a little help from a fashionable friend…

Say Yes To The Dress UK, Friday 31 August, 8pm, TLC/HD (167/168)

Choosing a wedding dress can be both one of the most special and one of the most stressful challenges of any woman’s life. It’s definitely wise to bring a few reliable mates along with you for the ride – and when it comes to choosing clothes, no one is more reliable than Gok Wan.


But he’s going to have to be at his very best to please bride-to-be Sarah, as he presents a very special episode of Say Yes To The Dress; a UK spin on the classic US reality hit. Future brides rock up at dressmakers Confetti & Lace to meet David Emanuel (only the designer of one of the most iconic wedding dresses in British history; the one belonging to Princess Diana!). It’s the job of David and fellow wedding dress designer Christine Dando to help these budding brides find their perfect gowns, and ensure they walk down the aisle feeling like a millon dollars.

Sarah has tried on more than 40 dresses, and not one has wowed her yet. Can Gok use his talents to get her feeling like Diana on her big day, or will he fall short for the first time ever? Gok cites the Vivienne Westwood-designed dress worn Carrie Bradshaw in Sex And The City as one of his all-time favourites. But it’s just one of many unforgettable bridal gowns we’ve seen on TV and in film across the years.


The question is, which one would suit you best? They say that your wedding dress reflects your personality and your relationship, so play our quiz to find out whose famous gown would suit you best as you walk down the aisle and off into holy matrimony!


Find your perfect wedding dress

And if you want more Gok Wan, he’s going to host a new spin-off, Say Yes To The Dress Lancashire, on TLC in 2019!


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