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Do you have a shark wit?

Do you have a shark wit?

Bite into your shark knowledge with our quiz as Sharkfest swims onto National Geographic WILD for two weeks

By Laura Rutkowski, Staff Writer

Back to blow all other shows out of the water this month, Sharkfest returns to National Geographic WILD from Monday 13 July to Sunday 26 July. Sink your teeth into 17 new documentaries as shark enthusiasts, experts and filmmakers take a deep dive to explore the creature that continues to frighten and fascinate us in equal measure. These films stick a fin up to the stigma surrounding the often misunderstood animals, leaving all falsehoods behind to serve up the facts.


Volcano Sharks kickstarts the spotlight on sharks, with ones that are particularly active around volcanoes. Whether you’re intrigued by great white sharks, bull sharks, tiger sharks or hammerhead sharks, they all receive plenty of screen time in these illuminating channel premieres.

Highlights include Mega Hammerhead: Ultimate Predator, where Dr Neil Hammerschlag (we like to think his name had a role to play in his career choice) explores why hammerhead sharks are expanding their range and coming closer to shore; and World’s Biggest Great White? Expedition Hawaii, which charts the encounter with Deep Blue, the largest great white ever caught on camera.


Speaking of large, Kamakai is the subject of World’s Biggest Tiger Shark, which attempts to answer what brought her to French Polynesian waters. Sharks Vs Dolphins: Blood Battle and Shark Vs Whale study the complex relationships between sharks and these other oceanic animals, uncovering a whole other side to them in the process. If you recognise any of the fish in Most Wanted Sharks, that’s because they’re famous – and come with their own social media followers!


We’re sure this is enough to send you into a Sharkfest frenzy and that you’re chomping at the bit to watch everything on offer, but before you do, why not test your own shark wits with our quiz below? Some of the facts might just surprise you.

When is National Geographic WILD’s Sharkfest on TV?

Sharkfest airs on National Geographic WILD/HD (CH 264/265) from Monday 13 July until Sunday 26 July. The shows will also be available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > National Geographic. Check out the line-up below.


Monday 13 July

Volcano Sharks, 8pm 

Shark Vs Surfer, 9pm


Tuesday 14 July

Sharks Of The Bermuda Triangle, 8pm

World’s Biggest Tiger Shark, 9pm

Wednesday 15 July

Most Wanted Sharks, 8pm 

Sharks Vs Dolphins: Blood Battle, 9pm 

Thursday 16 July

Raging Bull Shark, 8pm

Secrets Of The Bull Shark, 9pm


Friday 17 July

Shark Vs Whale
, 8pm 

What The Shark?, 9pm


Sunday 19 July

When Sharks Attack: Red Terror, 9pm


Monday 20 July

World’s Biggest Great White? Expedition Hawaii
, 8pm 


Tuesday 21 July

Mega Hammerhead: Ultimate Predator, 8pm

Wednesday 22 July

Monster Fish: Extreme Sharks, 8pm

Thursday 23 July

America’s Deadliest Sharks, 8pm


Friday 24 July

United Sharks Of America, 8pm


Sunday 26 July

When Sharks Attack: Tropical Terror, 9pm

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Image credit: All images © National Geographic