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Succumb to the Siren call

Succumb to the Siren call

As season 2 of the fantasy drama swims onto SYFY, catch up on all you need to know

Welcome to the Long Story Short about season 2 of mermaid yarn Siren. Whether you have ten seconds or a few minutes, we’ll turn you landlubbers into experts on how to catch a very niche breed of fish…

Thursday 14 February, 9pm, SYFY/HD (CH 135/165). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > SYFY

Got seconds to spare?

At the tail-end of season 1 of Siren, mermaid Ryn (Game of Thrones’ Eline Powell) returns to her natural habitat. She leaves the friends she made behind, still recovering from the death of her sister Donna (Sibongile Mlambo) at the hands of a human. After unleashing her siren song on Ben (Alex Roe), he never truly recovered. Despite him helping Ryn adapt to the human way, she thinks he’s better off without her.


As season 2 swims into view, Ryn is needed more than she knows. What’s better than mermaids? More mermaids. “There are others,” Ryn says of her species. An unknown force has driven them onto land and the new mermaids and mermen are shocked by Ryn’s sudden reappearance, believing she was dead when she went missing. But the new arrivals are more interested in dominating rather than learning about the inhabitants of the coastal town known for its mermaid history, Bristol Cove...

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How did Donna die?

Fisherman Xander (Ian Verdun, Lucifer) dislikes mermaids because his father was killed by one. In trying to kill Levi, the merman responsible, he accidentally shoots Donna in season 1.

So, apparently, there’s a love triangle?

Ryn refers to both Ben and Ben’s ex-girlfriend Maddie (Fola Evans-Akingbola, Death In Paradise) as encapsulating the word “love” and she learns to trust them over time. Ben and Maddie are both enamoured with Ryn’s mystical and mesmerising presence and appearance. Ryn has already shared kisses with Ben and Maddie, so whether the triangle retains three or two legs remains to be seen.

Wait, Ben and Maddie broke up?

Yes. The arrival of Ryn caused friction in season 1, and since Maddie can’t do anything to help Ben recover from the siren song, they have decided to take a break.

What exactly is the siren song?

Eline Powell, who plays Ryn, has described it like a human’s innate fight or flight response, an instinct that mermaids can’t control. It has driven people insane and has even led to their death in some cases, so it’s pretty powerful stuff. All bets for a romantic serenade are off then…  

Can’t get enough?

Find out whether the characters in season 2 will sink or swim…



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