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5 comedians to keep you laughing at home

5 comedians to keep you laughing at home

Meet the comedians on a quest to keep you entertained at home while they’re bunked up in theirs!

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Whether it’s starting Come Dine With Me virtual dinner parties on Zoom, joining up with friends on Houseparty for a game of Heads Up or volleying tea bags into distant mugs, the nation is finding ways to keep themselves entertained and connected while they’re cooped up inside.


Now, a bunch of much-loved comics are also on a quest to ensure no one day spent inside is ever the same! So whether it’s trying a Taskmaster-style task or watching an incredibly hairy man live-read his way through a Zen guidebook, here are five ways cracking comics across the country can keep you smiling…


1. Alex Horne’s Home Tasking

As he explains in the above clip, Taskmaster creator and Taskmaster’s… assistant Alex Horne is setting you, yes, YOU, a task at 9am every Monday, Wednesday and Friday morning on his Twitter page. Greg Davies will be reprising his role at The Taskmaster and will be scoring people’s entries with points awarded and a winner announced each week.


2. Russell Howard’s Lockdown Takes

The Bristol-based comic has taken to Instagram and Twitter to give followers a daily dose of his favourite headlines. Expect the usual hilarity with (often sweary) daily posts centred on the current situation and surrounding lockdown stories.


3. Iain Sterling Gets His Game On

BAFTA-winning comedian Iain Stirling is welcoming the public to his own Twitch channel for rounds of FIFA and puzzles. Plus, there’s loads of magazine show style activities such as dissecting old children show’s television theme tunes. Sounds like a pretty fun way to while away the hours…


4. Richard Herring Stone Clearing podcast

The word’s first podcast dedicated to the ancient art of Stone Clearing (removing stones from a field and using them for better purpose) can now be lived-streamed online via Twitch. Is it madness? Either way, it’s funny stuff.


5. Rob Auton’s Zen read-a-long

Because he’s a legend, Rob Auton is reading extracts from acclaimed Zen book Fear by Thich Nhat Hanh, via Instagram Live every day at 2pm. Tune in, close your eyes, and be whisked off to the Zen realm by the second hairiest man on Instagram.

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