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The usual suspects?

The usual suspects?

A bereaved father, suspicious circumstances, and a mountain of unanswered questions – everyone’s a suspect in Channel 4’s new drama

By Jon Billinge, Writer

If you’re into glittering ensemble casts, intense exchanges and shedloads of shady ne’er-do-well-ing, Suspect is the gritty new crime drama for you.


Starring James Nesbitt as veteran detective Danny Frater, the cast also counts Richard E Grant, Anne-Marie Duff, Sacha Dhawan and Sam Heughan among its roster of top talent.



When attending a hospital mortuary for what he believes to be a routine ID check, Danny’s world is instantly turned upside down when he realises the deceased is his estranged daughter Christina. All the medical evidence suggests she took her own life, but Danny isn’t convinced.


Confused and grief-stricken but spurred on by his anger, Danny sets out on a journey to find and confront those closest to his daughter in a bid to uncover the truth. Each episode of Suspect is essentially a two-hander, as Danny presses a different potential conspirator to squeeze out any information he can, sometimes with disastrous results.


Ahead of the thrill ride, we’ve rounded up the suspects in question that you’ll meet across the show’s eight-episode run. As for when it’s on, scroll down to the bottom of the page for the air date information once you’re done interrogating the below.


Danny’s interrogations kick off with Jackie, who is the attending pathologist at the mortuary where he finds out about his daughter’s death. She’s convinced it’s suicide, but Danny isn’t so sure...


Where else can I see her? Richardson can be seen playing Catherine Parr in The Tudors on All 4 (Apps & Games > All 4). You can also catch her in the upcoming adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman, coming to Netflix (Apps & Games > Netflix) in August. 


Danny takes matters into his own hands, breaking into his daughter’s riverside apartment in search of clues. As fate would have it he bumps into another trespasser, Nicola, who reveals another side to Christina’s life Danny knew nothing about.


Where else can I see her? In Deceit, a drama based on a real-life murder case, as well as sitcom Raised By Wolves, both on All 4 (Apps & Games > All 4), and alongside Richard Gere in BBC political drama MotherFatherSon (Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer).


A series of leads sets Danny on a path into a murky criminal underworld. Lapdance club owner Maia is soon in his sights. Under extreme duress, and with Danny losing his patience, will she tell him all she knows? 


Where else can I see her? As one of the original “ASBO superheroes” in Misfits (Apps & Games > All 4) and as Johnny Flynn’s best friend/possible love interest in the funny, frank sitcom Lovesick (Apps & Games > Netflix). 


An old friend of Christine’s, Jaisal might be holding crucial information as to her last known whereabouts. But any information he has will come at a grave cost to Danny.


Where else can I see him? Probably his most high-profile role came in Doctor Who, playing one of the Doctor’s oldest foes opposite Jodie Whittaker in five episodes (Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer), but you can also see him in riotous historical drama The Great (On Demand > Box Sets > STARZPLAY). 



Danny’s ex-police partner Ryan gives him cause for suspicion, but isn’t letting anything slip. Perhaps a death-defying car journey across the streets of London will loosen his tongue?


Where else can I see him? Heughan shot to fame in historical time-travel romantic drama series Outlander (On Demand > Box Sets > STARZPLAY) and can also be seen in two contrasting movies available in On Demand from Sky Cinema: To Olivia and SAS: Red Notice.  


A trail of clues leads to business mogul Harry Carr, dining alone at his horse racing track. Danny crashes the party for one, hell-bent on finding the truth – but the silver-tongued Harry soon has Danny questioning his own motives and life choices. 


Where else can I see him? Grant’s long career has taken him from classy period mysteries like Gosford Park to offbeat comedies like Killing Dad to biopics like The Iron Lady, all of which are on Netflix (Apps & Games > Netflix). His documentary series Write Around The World is available on Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer.


Danny and his ex-wife Susannah, bound in their grief, pore over the evidence, confront their own failings as parents, and discuss the possibility that Christine’s death truly was a suicide. The dust looks all set to settle. Then Danny notices something that could turn the tide of his investigation.


Where else can I see her? As Maeve’s conflicted mum Erin in Sex Education (Apps & Games > Netflix), as grieving but strong Ma Costa in His Dark Materials (Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer) and as Fiona Gallagher in the first two series of Shameless (Apps & Games > All 4). 


Danny’s former boss is always showing up at opportune moments, defusing a situation one moment and exacerbating another the next. What’s his game? And does he truly have Danny’s best interests at heart?


Where else can I see him? As well as being the original detective in Death In Paradise (Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer), Miller plays unpleasant patriarch Lord Archibald Featherington in Bridgerton (Apps & Games > Netflix) and criminologist Jasper Tempest in crime drama Professor T (Apps & Games > ITV Hub). 

When is Channel 4’s Suspect on TV?

The first episode of eight-part series Suspect airs on Channel 4 HD (CH 104/141) at 9pm on Sunday 19 June. It is also available in Apps & Games > All 4.

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