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This Is Us season 2

The big questions around This Is Us 

The big questions around This Is Us 

The emotional hit US drama returns. And we need answers!

Tissues at the ready. The humorous and heartbreaking hit US drama finally returns for a second season on More4…

This Is Us, Wednesdays from 4 July, 9pm, More4/HD (CH 147/195). Also available for 7 days in Catch Up > Channels > All 4

WARNING. This feature contains spoilers. And lots of them!

Starring Gilmore Girls alumnus Milo Ventimiglia as well as Mandy Moore (Tangled), Sterling K Brown (Black Panther), Justin Hartley (A Bad Moms Christmas) and Chrissy Metz (American Horror Story), This Is Us tells the story of a rather complex family using flashbacks that span more than three generations.


The show tackles a variety of issues, from alcoholism and abuse to binge eating and sibling rivalry. Finishing even one of the first season’s 18 episodes without being moved to tears is a real challenge.


Season 1 introduced us to Jack (Ventimiglia), Rebecca (Moore), their children Kevin (Hartley) and Kate (Metz), and their adopted son Randall (Brown). And the emotional season finale left us with several unanswered questions we’re hoping this new season will finally answer. As we recap the story so far, here are the most pressing ones…


1. Will Jack and Rebecca’s marriage survive?

Series one culminates in a heated argument between Jack and Rebecca following Rebecca’s band’s failed first night on tour and the revelation that Jack has turned to the booze once again. The last we saw of the once blissfully happy couple was Rebecca telling Jack to temporarily move in with Miguel (Castle’s Jon Huertas) to allow them space to clear their heads. Have This Is Us’s Ross and Rachel broken up, or are they simply on a break?


2. Does Jack have a criminal past?

In the series one finale, Jack and his buddy Darryl plot to steal cash from the till of a bar following a dodgy poker game, which ends with Jack being badly beaten and robbed (in other words, it’s a terrible night). We know the pair are desperate to start a business together and need many, many dollar bills to make that dream happen – but is family man Jack really suited to a life of crime?


3. Does Kevin move to LA?

We last saw Kevin bidding farewell to Sophie (The Walking Dead’s Alexandra Breckenridge), his ex-wife-and-now-current-girlfriend, before travelling to Los Angeles to audition for Ron Howard’s new movie. But after only recently winning back her heart, will Kevin choose love or a shot at finally being taken seriously by Hollywood?


4. Does Kate get the gastric bypass surgery?

This Is Us season 2

Kate struggles with her weight throughout seaon one, but after considering a gastric bypass surgery, she opts instead for an “alternative” fat camp. However, that plan is scuppered when she’s thrown out after rejecting Duke (Longmire’s Adam Bartley) – arguably This Is Us’s least likable and most entitled character. Will Kate rethink the surgery, continue dieting, or just give it all up to focus her attention on her upcoming nuptials and newfound dream of becoming a singer?


5. What’s Randall’s next move after quitting his job?

This Is Us season 2

One of the most surprising moments of the first season is Randall’s shock decision to quit his not-so-thrilling job as a weather commodities trader and follow the laid-back path of his late biological father. Oh, how we’ll miss Ron Cephas Jones (Luke Cage) as the softly spoken William… How will the sensible, structure-loving Randall cope with a slower lifestyle – not to mention far less disposable income? And will he and Beth (The Blacklist’s Susan Kelechi Watson) adopt a child?


6. How does Jack die?

After 18 episodes, Jack’s death is still shrouded in mystery. All we know for sure is that the beloved patriarch likely passed away when the triplets were teenagers, and that Kate feels somewhat responsible for what happened. Will season 2 shine a light on This Is Us’s biggest question so far?


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