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The Last Leg: best bits!

The Last Leg: best bits!

Three guys, four legs, and more bants than the Archbishop – The Last Leg is finally back to funny up your Fridays

By Jon Billinge, Staff Writer

The hugely popular topical news-sports-comedy panel show, which started life as a comedic accompaniment to the Summer Paralympics way, way back in 2012, is now in its 25th series. “The Last Leg” my foot! Ahem.


Indeed, there’s just something special about not only the wisecracking chemistry between co-hosts Adam Hills, Josh Widdicombe and Alex Brooker, but also the spotlight shined on Paralympians and the wider games. Add to this the show’s exclusive coverage of the coveted “D**k of the year” award and you’ve got yourself some enduring, near Olympian-level TV gold.


Famously described by presenter Adam Hills as “three guys with four legs talking about the week” (Hills was born without a right foot and Brooker’s leg was amputated as a baby), the show’s mix of hot takes, celebrity guest stars (who give as good as they get) and genius stunts (including Brooker’s attempts to qualify for the Paralympics) will have you in bits. Welcome back, you glorious fools.


Whether you’re a series die-hard, or new to this bunch of leg-ends, scroll down to discover our pick of the most side-splitting moments from the show, then scroll further to see when it’s on.


David Tennant’s English accent

Respected thespian, adored Doctor Who actor and generally dreamy David Tennant does what no one thought ever possible – be a bit creepy. Prepare to be haunted as he deviates from his usual Scottish to gift the world with an English accent.


Alex Brooker IS a Paralympian

Throughout the series’ run, the intrepid Brooker has taken on many a sporting challenge, inspired by the elite Paralympians of Great Britain and beyond. But despite lacking the rigorous training regimen of the stars and being prone to bouts of unstoppable laughter, when Brooker commits he COMMITS. His Paralympic Challenge, in which he takes part in as many events as possible, is a sight to see.


Harry Hill for PM!


The most fashionable man in comedy gives the performance of a lifetime in a bid to win your vote. Who doesn’t think politics could do with an injection of slapstick humour every now and then?


Spotlighting the sousaphone

Whatever your politics, this moment was picked for its sheer randomness, sheer brashness and sheer will to bring the sassy, brassy sousaphone into the mainstream. Imagine going about your day and having sousaphone Simon turn up behind you. Nightmare fuel! 


James Acaster is… James Acaster

Discussing alternate career ideas, actor Zawe Ashton goes in deep on her love of Gwyneth Paltrow’s Goop and her own dreams of owning a wellness brand. On being asked the same, comedian James Acaster goes, well, meta James Acaster in the way only he can, admitting that were his career to stall, he’d become the best James Acaster tribute act going.  


Mouth-bat table tennis

Inspired after watching a Paralympian play the very real mouth-based variant of table tennis, Brooker and Widdicombe chomp at the bats in a showdown as hilarious as it is whiplash-inducing.


When is Channel 4’s The Last Leg on TV?

Series 25 of The Last Leg starts on Friday 15 July on Channel 4 HD (CH 104/141). It is also available in Apps & Games > All 4.

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