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Step back into The Twilight Zone

Step back into The Twilight Zone

With the iconic anthology series getting the reboot treatment on SYFY, here’s what to expect

Get Out director Jordan Peele has revived one of television’s most disturbing (and thought-provoking) shows. Be afraid, be very afraid…

The Twilight Zone, Tuesday 25 February, 9pm, SYFY/HD (CH 138/137). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > SYFY

Long before Black Mirror made dark anthology series with twist endings a thing, there was The Twilight Zone. Created by Rod Serling, there was nothing like it when the show first aired on US television in 1959. These unique tales of aliens with ulterior motives, mystical powers in the wrong hands, time travel gone awry and more not only provided sharp social commentary during a time of great upheaval, they were also downright scary.


One original run (1959-64), one movie (1983) and two revivals (1985-89, 2002-03) later, The Twilight Zone is back for a brand new series on SYFY. And you’ll be pleased to know it’s in safe hands. Co-developed by Get Out and Us director Jordan Peele, you should expect trepidation, terror and plenty of trademark twists in these ten new stories.


And there are lots of familiar faces along for the ride. From Kumail Nanjiani (Silicon Valley), Zazie Beetz (Joker) and Seth Rogen (Superbad) to Chris O’Dowd (The IT Crowd), Adam Scott (Big Little Lies) and Steven Yeun (The Walking Dead), this reboot of The Twilight Zone is definitely worth tuning into. Just don’t come running to us if you have nightmares.


Want to know more? Find out what to expect from the new series with our episode-by-episode guide. Don’t worry, there are no spoilers here…

The Comedian

Kumail Nanjianini in The Twilight Zone

A struggling comedian gives his career a boost when he starts including material about his life in his routine. The catch? Whenever he mentions someone he knows in a joke, they end up disappearing…


Nightmare At 30,000 Feet

A journalist suffering from PTSD boards a flight from Washington to Tel Aviv. Listening to a podcast about the mystery of a missing plane, he realises it’s perfectly describing everything that’s happening around him in the cabin.



Sanaa Lathan and Damson Idris in The Twilight Zone

When a mother stops at a roadside diner while taking her son to his new college, she discovers an old family camcorder that has the ability to turn back time. But with great power comes great responsibility.


A Traveler

An Alaskan police sergeant attends a Christmas party thrown by her boss, only for a strange guest to appear in the station’s holding cells. Who is he? And how come he knows so much about things he really shouldn’t know anything about?


The Wunderkind

Jacob Tremblay in The Twilight Zone

After his career as a political campaign manager is ruined, a man helps an 11-year-old YouTuber run for President. Surely a child couldn’t go all the way and end up in the White House? This is The Twilight Zone we’re talking about…


Six Degrees Of Freedom

As nuclear war breaks out on Earth, the crew of a spacecraft heads to Mars in an attempt to save themselves. Their great escape encounters problems, however, when they all start turning on each other in outer space.


Not All Men

Taissa Farmiga and Rhea Seehorn in The Twilight Zone

Following a meteor shower, men are suddenly bursting into fits of explosive rage. Is it the shower that’s brought this on, or are there other forces at work?


Point Of Origin

When a wealthy socialite agrees to help her housekeeper’s grandson, who’s an illegal immigrant, she thinks she’s doing a good deed. But it soon turns out that the decision has more implications than she ever could have imagined.


The Blue Scorpion

Darcy Laurie and Chris O'Dowd in The Twilight Zone

Preparing to divorce from his wife, an anthropology professor learns that his dad has committed suicide. After discovering a gun loaded with a bullet with his name on it, things soon take a turn for the bizarre.



A screenwriter for The Twilight Zone (this one’s a bit meta) notices a mysterious figure appearing in the background of an episode she has written, as well as previous episodes of the show. Who is he? Maybe it’s better not knowing…


When is SYFY’s The Twilight Zone on TV?

The Twilight Zone airs on SYFY on Tuesdays at 9pm, with the first episode screening on 25 February. It is also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > SYFY. 


The ten-part series will subsequently air every week until Tuesday 28 April. 

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