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How much does a BAFTA weigh?

How much does a BAFTA weigh?

Get the big numbers as we count down to the Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

With the biggest night in the TV calendar just months away, it’s time to brush up on your BAFTA knowledge

Virgin TV British Academy Television Awards in 2018

Thirteen is a lucky number for us this year. Why? Because the BAFTA Television Awards, which we’re sponsoring for the second year in a row, are on 13 May 2018. We’ve already circled it in our calendars, set our alarm clocks and cleared our diaries. Yes, you could say we’re more than a little excited about it.


In fact, we’re so excited that we haven’t been able to sit still. So we did what every normal person does when they can’t sleep at night – we trawled the BAFTA archives for some good old-fashioned knowledge! Some top trivia. Some fascinating facts, if you will. So when BAFTA comes up as a topic at our next quiz night, we’ll be ready. Oh yes, we’ll be ready...


Click here to see the nominees for this year’s Virgin TV Must-See Moment and cast your vote! And take a look at all the amazing stats behind BAFTA in our fancy graphic below. 


Count on it!

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