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The Walking Dead

All about this dead-good show

All about this dead good show

Check out the big numbers behind the phe-zom-enon that is The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead is utterly unstoppable. It’s the highest-rated show in the history of US cable TV, and this monster hit is shown in 120 countries worldwide, meaning it’s no longer just a runaway success, but an outright phenomenon. Zombies have never been more alive!

The Walking Dead

Mixing drama, tension, absolute horror and terrific central performances (especially from Britain’s own Andrew Lincoln), there isn’t anything else on TV like The Walking Dead.

Here are the unbelievable stats that prove it’s dead good…


120 countries

It is shown all over the world, including South Korea, Argentina and Colombia.


£1.76 million

That’s how much it reportedly costs to make a single episode of the show.


17.3 million viewers

The series 5 premiere in the US was the most-watched episode in the show’s history.


576,000 Tweets

It was the most-tweeted TV show of 2014 with an average of 576k tweets per episode.


12 different names

The word "zombie" is never used on the show, so there are a variety of different names to describe the deceased, including... Walkers, Biters, Cold Bodies, Creepers, Dead Ones, Geeks, Lamebrains, Lurkers, Monsters, Roamers, Rotters, Skin Eaters


547 days

That’s the timeline between the first episode of series 1 to the end of series 5.


Most deadly

These five characters have the most on-screen walker kills in the first five series...

Daryl Dixon (142)
Rick Grimes (137)
Glenn Rhee (129)
Michonne (87)
Sasha (55)


Colt Python revolver

Rick’s beloved revolver is his deadliest weapon, with 61 confirmed kills.


0 Human kills

Glenn is the only surviving character that hasn’t killed another human.


33 Humans

The Governor has killed 33 humans – more, by far, than any other character.


2 hands remaining

In the comics, Rick’s hand gets cut off very early on – but they didn’t remove it on the show because it would take too much CGI.



During lunch breaks, the zombie cast would eat together, while the human cast eat together. All of the principal actors also have a “Last Supper” the day they film their death scenes.


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