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The ultimate 2023 TV show quiz

The ultimate 2023 TV show quiz

Think you know your Happy Valley from your Jury Duty? Take our 2023 TV quiz featuring the best TV shows of the year

By Simon Ward, Content Editor

The season of goodwill goes out the window whenever someone plaintively suggests “playing a game”. It’s up there with suggestions like “let’s mix it up and have beef instead of turkey” or “grandma’s already had one helping of sprouts, what’s the worst thing that could happen by giving her a second load?”


So, as we unveil our ultimate TV quiz of 2023, we ask you to use the following TV show questions and answers VERY responsibly. Maybe answer the quiz together as a family. Or introduce a “safe word” when your auntie throws a plate at the wall because you hadn’t got around to watching The Bear yet (which would be very in keeping with the show).


Without further ado, let’s get stuck in...


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