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Wicked Tuna

Why it’s time to let Wicked Tuna reel you in

Why it’s time to let Wicked Tuna reel you in

Anyfin is possible on this extreme competitive fishing show

Set sail for Gloucester, Massachusetts, and get hooked on this cutthroat fishing show

Wicked Tuna. Tuesdays from 5 June, 10pm, BLAZE (CH 216)

Coming to Blaze for the first time is this nail-biting fishing show, which follows teams of Massachusetts fishermen as they battle it out to see who can catch the most Bluefin tuna.

Filmed in the remorseless ­­­North Atlantic waters – where George Clooney’s The Perfect Storm was based – see the fishermen grapple with the elements, short fishing seasons and dwindling tuna populations, all in the name of a big win.

Here is why you need to take the bait and make Wicked Tuna your new favourite show…


It has all the drama of a reality TV show

If you’re a sucker for the backstabbing and Machiavellian antics of Love Island, Big Brother and The Island With Bear Grylls, then this show won’t disappoint.  You don’t have to be a psychologist to glean that many of these folk don’t like each other. Whatever it takes to get the upper hand, it’s fair game – they’ll withhold information, grass each other up, throw red herrings at each other and elbow one their peers out of the way, all in the name of getting the best catch. And with the possibility of getting a fish worth $20,000 (about £15,000), we don’t blame them.



There’s an insane level of skill is involved

This isn’t just a hobby. This is a way of life. Some of the tuna fish they catch are humongous. Season 1 wraps with the crew getting a tuna that’s 1,030 pounds.  That’s the equivalent of four Dwayne “The Rock” Johnsons. So think about that the next time you have a tuna mayo sarnie.


The (tuna) stakes are incredibly high

It’s a hard life on board the boats.  At the mercy unpredictable, harsh and cruel weather conditions, the job of tuna fisherman has a high mortality rate. Workers in distant-water tuna fishing fleets face a greater risk of death and injury than workers in all other types of fishing fleets. So expect plenty of edge-of-your seat moments.


It’s packed full of characters

Look out for Paul Hebert, who is essentially Jim Carrey in The Mask. Plus, there is Dave “What happens on the boat stays on the boat” Carraro – who doesn’t give two monkfish about throwing the other fishermen under the boat (metaphorically – we think).


There are loads of episodes to dive into

Once you’re hooked, you’re hooked. And luckily, there are seven seasons to wade through, plus a spin-off show – Wicked Tuna: North Vs South. So you won’t be left high and dry.


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