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Retro riches revealed!

Retro riches revealed!

New and exclusive to HISTORY®, the Vintage Tech Hunters are ready to unearth some old-school oddities

All that old junk gathering dust in your loft? It could be worth a fortune, as brand new series Vintage Tech Hunters reveals…

Vintage Tech Hunters, Monday 20 May, 8.30pm, HISTORY® (CH 270). Also available for 30 days in Catch Up > Channels > HISTORY

Spread across 14 fascinating episodes that rummage through the annals of popular culture, Vintage Tech Hunters sees avid collectors (and massive nerds) Bo and Shaun travel across the USA and Canada in search of the tech that time forgot. Think of it as a geekier version of Antiques Roadshow.


Whether they’re unearthing vintage computers, digging out rare toys, or discovering classic cameras, this is one trip down memory lane that’s littered with the gadgets that helped shape the 20th century.


But they’re not doing this just to feel the warm glow of nostalgia (though there is plenty of that). This duo have turned their obsession with all things retro into a thriving business, and they’re out to make a pretty penny with their amazing finds on the road.


Find out more about some of the incredible items you can expect to see the pair uncover in Vintage Tech Hunters, brand new to HISTORY. Just click/hover over the items below to learn more…

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