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The Telly That Kept Us Talking: Bridgerton

The Telly That Kept Us Talking: Bridgerton


Ahead of this year’s Virgin Media BAFTAs, we’re celebrating the TV moments that brought us together in 2020. In today’s episode, the nation takes a look at Bridgerton’s big reveal

By Virgin Media

We’ve been travelling up and down the UK speaking to the country about the TV moments that kept us connected during the past year. Because in 2020, more than ever, TV helped us escape when we couldn’t go anywhere. But it also brought us together when we were forced to stay apart.


With Bridgerton nominated for the Virgin Media Must-See Moment of 2020 at next month’s Virgin Media BAFTAs, we wanted to find out what the big reveal in the final episode, and the series as a whole, meant to the nation.


Watch episode 1 of The Telly That Kept Us Talking below.



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Read on to find out more about this moment nominated for the 2021 Virgin Media BAFTAs…


Bridgerton – Penelope is revealed as Lady Whistledown

Voiced by Julie Andrews, the mysterious Lady Whistledown has rocked London’s high society by revealing their secrets in her scandal sheet, while keeping her identity concealed. A scheme to trap her at the printers is foiled by Eloise Bridgerton, who believes Genevieve Delacroix is the writer.


But when Eloise discovers Genevieve has an alibi, she realises the mystery remains. In a dramatic flashback to the night at the printers, we see Lady Whistledown escaping in her carriage, before she removes her hood to reveal that she is none other than... Penelope Featherington!


Have a big BAFTA night in

Which TV moment brought you and your faves together last year? The power of amazing British TV deserves celebrating. So that’s exactly what we’re doing for this year’s Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards – and we want you to join us.

When is the 2021 Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards on TV?

The 2021 Virgin Media British Academy Television Awards airs on BBC One HD (CH 101/108) on Sunday 6 June. It is also available for 30 days in Apps & Games > BBC iPlayer.

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