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Virgin TV Kids is here!

Virgin TV Kids is here!


Looking for shows, shows and more shows to entertain the little ones whenever they want? We’ve got just the thing…

By Virgin TV Edit

Virgin TV Kids is home to the telly your kids know and love. From pre-school fun to teen dramas, animated adventures and much, much more, there’s a whole world of awesome entertainment waiting to be explored in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids.


Between September and December, we’re launching over 2,000 episodes of their favourite shows, which means hours and hours of top TV whenever they want.


Discover just some of the shows your little ones can watch on Virgin TV Kids below, and stay tuned to this page for more announcements as we update it with even more great content to enjoy on Virgin TV Kids…


Angry Birds Toons

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Based on the hit (that’s to say ridiculously addictive) video game, this fun-packed animated series follows the exploits of those Angry Birds as they try to keep the trouble-making piggies at bay. Perfect for kids aged 4-9, the excitement never stops when those winged wonders are about!


Total Drama Island

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Reality TV shows are often due a bit of ribbing, and this animated series does just that. Taking the mickey out of shows like Survivor, a group of 22 teenagers must endure Camp Wawanakwa before the last person standing is crowned the champion. Suitable for ages 11+, this spoof-tastic shows boasts plenty of laughs.



Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Join Boj the bilby (it’s a long-eared marsupial) and his family, as they leave the Australian outback and head for the hustle and bustle of Giggly Park in this colourful animated series. Packed with music, fun and plenty of giggles, this one’s popular among pre-school kids.


The Next Step

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

In this popular teen series, a group of students at a dance studio compete for glory at the regional championships. But if you think all the drama takes place on the floor, you’d be wrong. From rivalries to romance, away from the dance floor is where the real action is.


Rainbow, Butterfly, Unicorn, Kitty

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Part rainbow, part butterfly, part unicorn and part kitty, Felicity is not your average heroine. With her friends in tow, she’s ready for adventure in the city of Mythlandia, encountering wizards, dragons, giants and more along the way.


Mighty Mike

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Meet Mike. He’s a pug with a major crush on the neighbours’ dog, Iris. But try as he might, this good-natured pooch’s attempts to woo her rarely go according to plan. The course of true love never did run smooth, as you’ll find out in this laugh-out-loud animated series.


Dead Gorgeous

Find it in On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

This supernatural teen drama follows three sisters who, having died prematurely in the Victorian era, are brought back as ghosts. Unfortunately for them, they’ve been resurrected 150 years into the future. After joining a boarding school where their home used to be, they must get to grips with modern life quickly.


Wizards V Aliens

Find it on On Demand > Kids > Virgin TV Kids

Created by Doctor Who collaborators Russell T Davies and Phil Ford, head out on adventure after thrilling adventure with teen wizard Tom and his science-y mate Benny. Their mission? To thwart a deadly alien race known as the Nekross…

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