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All you need to know about Dynamo Is Dead

All you need to know about Dynamo Is Dead

World-renowned magician Dynamo is planning to pull off his most spectacular stunt to date. Read on to discover why he’s burying himself alive in a supremely thrilling new show for Sky Max

By Torri Mundell, Feature Writer

Dynamo’s magic has never been run-of-the-mill. At the start of his career, his close-up “street magic” brought a fresh, unstaged energy to the craft. His mind-blowing card tricks, his knack for creating spontaneous combustion and to erase tattoos with his fingers delighted the crowds and occasionally freaked them out.


Yet it was his stunts – audacious, surprising and often huge in scale – that confirmed the uniqueness of his approach. In 2011, he strolled across the Thames without sinking. In 2014, he levitated above The Shard. And in 2020, he slithered through an impossible gap in a border wall separating Mexico from the US.


And now Dynamo has hatched a plan to bury himself alive. This is the fascinating, creepy premise of his new TV special which is being shown live on Thursday 14 December at on Sky Max HD (CH 111) – also featuring plenty of celebrities having their minds blown when they see Dynamo in action. Watch the trailer below and keep reading to hear why he’s doing it – and why we’ll definitely be tuning in to watch.


Dynamo’s most daring stunt yet

It’s not a Dynamo TV special without an epic stunt – and this is his most thrilling yet. Dynamo has decided to let go of his past (that’s what the show’s title means) and embark on a new chapter in his life and career. To do this he plans to dig his own six-foot-deep grave… and bury himself alive.


“Nerve-racking” doesn’t even begin to cover it. We’ll see his emotional journey as part of the event – will he bury his past along with his body? But of course, the main attraction is finding out if he can escape from this dark place, and it’s made all the more exciting by being broadcast live. There are no editing tricks or short cuts. We’ll be on the very edge of our seat until he’s safely above ground.


Revealing celebrity interviews

For this special, Dynamo brings together a starry line-up of legends from the world of music, entertainment, sport and beyond. And the show weaves together surprisingly revealing interviews with guests such as model and actor Cara Delevingne and their delighted reactions to seeing his dazzling magic up close.


There’s something about the sense of wonder that Dynamo’s magic inspires as well as the sincerity of his manner that invites candid conversation. He’s no stranger to physical and mental health challenges himself, and he draws parallels between magic and the way it can inspire celebrities such as British rapper Bugzy Malone to find their inner strength.


Mind-blowing magic with celebrity icons

Film actor Kate Beckinsale, star of the Underworld movies, Serendipity, Van Helsing, Pearl Harbor and more, is another of Dynamo’s guests on Dynamo Is Dead. Together they provide moments of awe-inspiring magic on top of a meaningful chat.


Dynamo also meets singer and actor Demi Lovato, the British rock group Coldplay and Kesha. It’s quite a spectacular line-up, but not even these famous faces can upstage Dynamo’s magic.


Dynamo’s personal story

At the heart of the special, though, is Dynamo and his desire to move on to the next chapter of his life. Whether you tune in to watch his nerve-shredding stunt to bury his old self, or to see the groundbreaking magic inspired by his celeb guests – which also include boxer Tyson Fury, entrepreneur Steven Bartlett and legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk – you’re guaranteed a seriously thrilling night in front of the telly.


When can I watch Dynamo Is Dead?

You can watch this thrilling two-hour special live on Thursday 14 December at 9pm on Sky Max HD (CH 111).


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